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6 Reasons Peyton Manning Won't Dominate the AFC West

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    Originally posted by hutch2426 View Post
    I understand your sentiments because you love the Broncos, but we do need help on defense. The defense allowed 390 points which was 24th in the league. We don't know what we are going to get with Porter and Yes the DL is always as question and ours is not that good. It was simply my opinion and like I said it doesn't matter what some individuals says it will be played out this year and we will see what our needs are.
    and again all of it comes back how the O long were the drives again?


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      Articles on bleacher report are always a joke. The person who wrote this musta been high as a kite and obviously doesnt follow the broncos at all


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        The guy who wrote that article is a Chiefs fan. look at5 his profile.

        Originally posted by baphamet
        are you talking career or right now? because i don't see how you can say manning is top 5 even healthy.dude will never be a top 5 QB again, he is done.


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          1 of the reports i saw on there, was not to my likeing @ all! Speaking on 6 ways that PM will not be successful in Denver!! All 6 are wrong, We have an awesome staff to go with players. then again they are intitled to there thoughts!!


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            I personally think the Chiefs have a very good team when healthy. They're getting Charles and Berry back from injuries, and I would say they have a good defense.

            One HUGE problem with the Chiefs is Matt Cassell. We all know he's nothing special, and the Chiefs will NEVER win a superbowl with him at QB. Heck, the Chiefs tried to sign Peyton!

            Other than QB wise, I think the Chiefs have a better team than we do. But QB is a very important position in the NFL obviously.

            I say we win 11 and the Chiefs win 9.

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              Allot of people are going to be eating their words pretty soon. The problem with the Colts for Mannings carear was that their defense and coaching was horrible. Their defensive scheme never worked. Peyton carried them for 14 years. The question is, will Denver do a better job on defense. No way you stop Manning.


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                I think it was written by Tebowmaniacs.
                My Opinion isn’t determined by what the Popular Opinion is. Sometimes I agree with the Majority, Sometimes I Don’t. If My Opinion is Different than Yours, I have to Ask One Question:
                You Mad Bro?
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                  Originally posted by catsigater View Post
                  And I'm sure someone will list 6 reasons the Broncos will dominate.

                  Not a fan of B.R. at all, but let's take look at the piece.

                  Reason #1

                  (Running Backs)

                  Hillman is intriguing, and I actually hope Johnson shows something, but I agree Willis is on his down hill and won't be as effective, esp in obvious running situations, when the threat of Tebow forced some attention away from him.

                  Rating: mostly true.
                  Agree with the mostly true, but will also say that Knowshawn might have a breakout year, as he is excellent as a blocker and in short passing situations as a target. While Tebow missed KM badly a few times they also connected for some great plays. Hopefully he is healthy and will FINALLY live up to the expectations

                  Originally posted by catsigater View Post

                  (On Receivers)
                  I really disagree with the above. In fact, it's just typical BR B.S. The receivers will thrive with Manning.

                  Rating: False
                  TBD especially for Thomas, that has not demonstrated route running skills, but Decker is going to be a monster and the "slot machine" is back.

                  Originally posted by catsigater View Post
                  The D is a big question mark. They should be helped by Manning, but will need to improve in key areas.

                  Rating: TBD.

                  Originally posted by catsigater View Post
                  (On Chiefs and Chargers not being roll overs)

                  One man's opinion, but one I happen to agree with.

                  Rating: Mostly true.
                  Agreed - though I think that the home field advantage will be HUGE
                  Originally posted by catsigater View Post
                  (Mannings Health)
                  Again, typical B.S. with added "But" monkeys.

                  His neck is fine but it may not be.
                  He'll make them better but he has to carry them.

                  Rating: "Whatever, dude."
                  Partly relevant as reports say that he had some problem throwing to the right side when evaluated in FA
                  But then - It was never Mannings throwing that made him elite, but his mind, and quick release.

                  No huddle at Mile High - that is just mean to the fat boys on the opposing defenses - and it is going to be a huge factor. If we go 7-1 at home it is really hard not to get to the divisional round

                  Originally posted by catsigater View Post

                  I don't think the Broncos are at all similar to the Colts. I have questions about their run game with out Tebow, but saying, "it lacks credibility," is ridiculous.

                  Overall, pretty typical of BR, with one or two points that may have merit.
                  While there is a lot of BS here and on BR, I think that many posters on BR does a good and honest job, and some are just imbecile.

                  They play the game to see who is right - opinions are plentiful

                  We will never see what would have happened had we stayed with Tebow. We will never see what would have happened if McDaniels had been allowed to continue modeling the team the way he intended. We will never get to see what would have happened if Shanahan and Cutler had been retained.

                  What we do get to see is what Broncos will look like with a mostly healthy 36 year old elite QB. Last time we tried that it was not bad, and I do think that Mannings skills are less dependent on physique than Elways was. We now have a QB that is likely exceptional at mile high and exceptional in a dome environment - That is pretty good if we were to get home field advantage in the playoffs. It is exiting in Tebow's words!
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