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Harbaugh 'We DIDN'T pursue Manning'

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  • Harbaugh 'We DIDN'T pursue Manning'

    LOL, Riggggghhhhht. You flew all the way to Duke to work him out while you 'star' QB was on his way to Miami.

    You explored the option of having both Manning and Smith on the same team ? What rubbish. If Manning chose SF then Smith would of signed elsewhere.

    Harbaugh didn't seem happy !

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    Harbaugh claims to have not "flirted" with signing Manning

    Seems unlikely to me that Peyton would agree to a full physical with a team that wasn't flirting with him.


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      He's backpeddlin'. See now his QB might have lost confidence in himself or Harbaugh or any number of things since the Manning 'flitration'

      It's not unlike the Cutler thing. It could have ended up the same way frankly - however Manning didn't drag it on and on and Smith likely is probably more emotionally stable than Cutler is/was .... either way, it's a reflection of how the coach looks at his QB -

      This statement seems to be more for Alex Smith to hear than anyone else. Like the article reads, it considered water under the bridge - no reporters brought it up - why even say such a thing ... in my estimation it was

      -for Alex Smith's ego
      -for Harbaugh's ego

      I really liked him last year and what he did with his team, but he's starting to show his true colors for better or for worse.

      Make no mistake -his desire to be heard on this issue was at the Broncos' and Manning's expense. Not very classy.
      The beatings will continue until morale improves....


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        Wow....looks like Jim Harbaugh is trying to do some damage control.


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          Peyton even said he talked to the 49ers.

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            Yeah I laughed when I read that article. What else is he going to say? "We tried to get Manning but when he decided to go elsewhere we were basically stuck with Alex Smith as a consolation prize". lol what a joke to say that, at least be honest.


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              They hadn't agreed to terms with Smith yet, and also it's Peyton Freaking Manning. So it's a bit different than what McDaniels did... but I still think it was... erm... a surprising move, to say the least.


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                LOL... Peyton broke your heart Jim... stop acting like the bitter ex girlfriend... You have Alex now...


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                  Sounds like what happened to Josh McIdiot except it ended up better for Harbaugh.
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                    Manning signed with the Broncos??? FINE!!!

                    I didn't want Manning anyways!!!

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                      Excuse me, Jim Harbaugh. Your pants are on fire.


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                        yeah, Pete Carroll didn't either


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                            We didn't pursue him either. It was just a silly rumor. Elway wants Tebow to be the QB of the future!

                            Oh wait...


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                              I laughed when i heard this...
                              We didn't want PFM we just sat in our car from a distance to watch him throw the ball. Flew all the way across the country to do so as well. GIve me a break. Anyone with even some semblance of a question at the QB position made a bid for Manning 49ers included no need to tell lies Mr. Harbaugh.

                              Am I the only one that was really confused by the timing of the statement though?