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Adam Weber vying to back up Peyton Manning at QB

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  • Adam Weber vying to back up Peyton Manning at QB

    There has been a lot of talk in Denver this offseason about second-round pick Brock Osweiler learning from Peyton Manning as the Denver Broncos "quarterback of the future." Former Bear Caleb Hanie is seen as Denver's backup quarterback of the present.

    The Denver Post points out a small fact that shouldn't be ignored. Adam Weber is ahead of both Osweiler and Hanie on the depth chart. Really.

    "I don't know if they have a depth chart at all," Weber told the Post. "But getting reps out here is good. Last year I didn't get a lot."

    We wouldn't read too much into the news just yet. Weber is more familiar with the offense than Osweiler and Hanie. Then again, beat writer Mike Klis points out Weber performed well with the opportunity.

    The offseason has been Weber's time to shine. Last year, the undrafted rookie gained some notice by reportedly outperforming Tim Tebow in early training camp practices. The Broncos were said last year to be high on Weber's ability to be a long-term backup.

    Perhaps the second-year player has a real chance to stick behind Manning, at least for this season.


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    as long as its not Hanie.


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      Good Read CP Forthcoming

      I'm rooting for Weber to make the team.From the little i seen of him last preseason i was impressed with him.Hopefully,he makes the team ahead of Hanie.


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        I'm pulling for Adam. I've said it many times, this kid is either a diamond in the rough or 4th string. We just don't know, we don't know what he can do, his potential, his ability to grow,etc.

        I was all for just not drafting a QB at all. Letting Weber learn under Peyton.

        I honestly think the only reason Hanie is on the team is because his time at CSU.
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          Webber averaged 95 yards per completion last preseason.
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            I'd rather have Weber make the team than Hanie. We know Hanie sucks. Weber is still an unknown.

            I like the roster we have at QB right now.


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              Originally posted by PowderAddict View Post
              I'd rather have Weber make the team than Hanie. We know Hanie sucks. Weber is still an unknown.

              I like the roster we have at QB right now.
              I agree with you.

              We have young, untapped talent with Os and Weber. Granted.. odds are neither end up being franchise QBs, but it's worth the looks.
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                Its hard to get a read on things. TC will tell us a lot more.

                I hope Weber does well, he has stuck around the PS last year so maybe he has something. I don't know much about him to be honest.

                I love what the coaches have done but the Hanie signing was strange. He is a poor QB. I know they want a veteran back-up but by reports he has been shocking. I think he may get cut.

                Osweiler is raw and they might decide they purely want him taking a back seat and learning for a few years and don't want him being thrown in even as a back-up.

                I think Hanie gets cut, Osweiler is the #3 and we might sign a veteran back-up to compete with Weber in TC.


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                  I have alwys wanted Webber the be our Back Up QB 2nd Stinger a guy that for sure if God Forbids something bad to happen to our starter that the #2 guy can come in and Produce not fold like some bad cards!


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                    The more talent we have the better opportunity we have to be a successful team. I've always been a fan of Webber.


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                      We probably ought to wait until the pup on the pads before we cut Hanie? lol Iwish them both luck and may the better man win the job. I really expect Osweiler to be Peyton's backup when the season starts!


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                        He will probably be the backup this year. Even though I believe Osweiler is the better QB, they don't want to put him on the field until he's ready. If Peyton goes down I'm willing to bet it will be Weber who goes in. Osweiler is Elways project and he doesn't want to spoil him by throwing him onto the field before the project is complete. Which is most likely in 3-4 years when Peyton's done winning Super Bowls.


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                          I'd rather have Osweiler be backup.

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                            There's another element to this that should be cleared up. And I'm just the man to ask someone to do so lol

                            Isn't the only QB on the roster that is eligible for the practice squad -Weber and Brock? Is Weber eligible?

                            Because if noone else is besides Weber and Brock, Weber might end up there for that simple fact no?

                            I enjoyed his one play last preseason
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                              I hope he wins the backup job...
                              All in for Siemian!