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A BROKEN SYSTEM (Ronnie Hillman = Jamaal Charles?)

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    Originally posted by crash123go View Post
    Whoa whoa whoa emmitt is the all time leading rusher but is no way the best back in history
    Correct. That honour belongs to me... or TD ... mostly me.


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      If Hillman went to a BCS school he would have gone in the 2nd. Hillman was a great get. And I'm also glad that Hillman won't be around SDSU anymore to torment my beloved CSU Rams.


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        I hope he turns out to be a good back. I just spent some time watching a few games of his and he will have a few things to learn at this level.

        Probably the biggest thing is he will need to carry the ball closer to his body. He has a tendency to carry it out on his forearm and he will cough it up like crazy if he doesn't get a better handle on the ball.

        The next thing is he has to learn that he can't always make something happen. There were several games I watched in which he lost major yardage running backwards in the back field. The coaches will get all over him for running backwards.

        The next observation was that he tends to catch the football against his chest instead of with his hands. They will teach him how to catch a football with his hands and why it is important.

        He has some great skills and if he can learn just a few little things I think he will be a good back for us.
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          RB is one component of a rushing attack. It starts with which formations are used and how the D is expected to line up against each. Everyone except the QB has a blocking assignment, and he must carry out a fake after the meshpoint. A rushing attack works best when it is series-based.

          Prior to the 2011 season, John Fox said the Broncos would have the most sophisticated rushing attack in the league. The Broncos ran more different plays from more formations than I have seen one team do in one season. With the Option series removed for 2012, the Broncos have a well-established run game for PM to call in a balanced offense.

          The Broncos will keep their best four RBs and Hillman will be a welcome addition. He turns 21 on Sept.14. Playing behind Willis McGahee will be good for him.
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            I think it is obvious Hillman has the physical tools.

            The only question is his mental tools.

            His vision
            The way he choses to use his feet (footwork imo is a mental tool)
            His ability to pick up blitzers (needs physical tools but imo backs do this because they are "hardnosed")

            Most importantly how dedicated is he to "making it" in the NFL. It is allot of hardwork and for the most part only the most dedicated players are successful.

            Moreno does not have the mental tooks to be a starting NFL RB...not all his fault...having a coach that blamed all his short comings on the OL for two years did not help.
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              Please don't compare a Bronco to a Chief. We all know that every Bronco is/was better than any Chief.

              But in reality... yeah, Charles is pretty good. I would be more than ecstatic to have him turn out to even be even close to what Charles is, but I think he'll turn out to be better, imho. We have a better O-Line than the Chiefs.
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                I agree with the size comparison Hillman is basically the same size as Charles and CJ so I don't know why he would not be able to be more of a every down back considering Charles and CJ are some of the best in the game. I think he might want to add just a few pounds but I am anxious to see what he can do. Its nice to have a real home threat every time he touches the ball Portis was the last good rb that could do that! Sorry not a big tatum bell fan he was more fast than had talent so that's why I say Portis is the last real home run threat but with talent!


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                  Originally posted by Buckin' Bronco View Post
                  Yep exactly and remember Emmitt Smith was supposedly too small to last as well. We all know he became the best back in NFL history. If Hillman is anything like Charles we got one hell of a player.
                  No, he didn't. Emmitt has the rushing yards record but he is not the best RB in history. Just my opinion but I think most people would agree.


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                    Just because they compare favorably talent-wise does not mean that Ronnie Hillman will pick up the pro game as well as Jamaal Charles. Just sayin'


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                      All I know is that Manning, Hillman, DT, and Tamme are going to make one hell of an offense in Madden 13


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                        Hillman will make Moreno expendable as long as he can translate his game to the pro level.