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Broncos to face tough decisions when cutting secondary

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    Originally posted by Cugel View Post
    You're not going to get your wish.

    Hate on Lance Ball all you want but he's currently #2 on the depth chart and with Hillman's injury (he's in #3 right now) is likely to stay there. Meanwhile Knowshon is listed as "Other" along with Johnson and Omon.

    With the addition of Brooking and Leonhard who can't play special teams it's even MORE important for the RBs to be big special teams contributors. And Knowshon isn't.

    It's looking more and more like the depth chart to start the season will be as follows:

    #1 -- McGahee
    #2 -- Lance Ball
    #3 -- Hillman (barring immediate recovery from his hamstring)
    #4 -- Omon or Johnson

    And that assumes that they keep 4 RBs, when they kept only 3 last year and could again. In that case it's going mean they cut Omon, Moreno AND Johnson.

    I doubt Knowshon makes the team at all. He might fetch a 6th round pick if traded and if they're going to cut him that's what they should do -- trade him.

    And while that is all correct and good the one crucial ingrediant you keep leaving off is that NONE of those RBs except Ball are on the starting ST unit. JJ is the only other person I have seen play any snaps on the starting ST unit.

    So while you are correct, it is not that big deal it is being made out to be, because Ball is the only one on that starting unit. JJ, Omon are not on the starting unit. And while they would be depth in case of injury for that unit. Tossing a player who brings a lot to the table for a guy who might play by injury happenstance does not make a lot of sense.
    So far:
    FA- Melvin Gordon. Brandon Scherff
    1. Kenneth Murray LB; 2. Shenault WR; 2B. Biadazz Center, 3. OT


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      Originally posted by Cugel View Post
      You're forgetting that they already have seen him in training camp and OTAs. They have an idea what he can do, although it would be nice to see it demonstrated by a big-game in the pre-season.

      But, RB is the one position where a rookie can come in and have an impact in his rookie season. Happens all the time, whereas DTs, QBs, WRs, etc. usually take a few years to learn their positions before they become impact players.

      While I agree with you, lately history has shown that to be the opposite.

      The QB and WR have been making the big impact and the RBs have all gone down with injuries...Its kinda weird.

      ryan, flacco, dalton, newton as some QB examples
      AJ green, megatron, dez B as a couple wr

      daniel thomas, leshoure, best, tate, hardesty, dan wilson, plus more at rb- its real weird. It seems like only shady mccoy and a couple other high draft pick rookies have made a sizable impact. The rest have all gotten injured or underperformed, and been beaten out by other players.

      Like I said, I still agree with you, but lately the trend seems to be the reverse.
      So far:
      FA- Melvin Gordon. Brandon Scherff
      1. Kenneth Murray LB; 2. Shenault WR; 2B. Biadazz Center, 3. OT


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        Originally posted by Cugel View Post

        Neither Brooking nor Leonhard can play on ST.
        IIRC, Leonhard played STs for the Jets. If I'm not mistaken, he actually is a pretty good punt/kick returner. Here are his stats:

        He was the Jets primary punt returner for 3 years (until he got hurt last year). He can and will play STs


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          Originally posted by MileHighInNY View Post
          We're concerned because not only do hamstring injuries tend to linger, but they tend to recur--it's easier to reinjure a hamstring once it's already suffered an injury. Plus, given the state of our RB situation, we need to count on Hillman to contribute this season, and he can't do that if he's hurt. This injury has already cost him one preseason game, depriving him of necessary and valuable experience and practice to help him adjust to the NFL. Nobody is trying to write him off yet or anything, it's just unfortunate that he had to have an injury during his first preseason, and we hope it doesn't become the starts of a pattern.
          I know that they tend to linger, but it's still early and I don't really know how much 'experience' he'll really gain from a couple of preseason games as a runner. He's an explosive runner and that's evident from the touches he's got in camp during full contact drills, so it's not like he's not gaining any experience. He'll make the team regardless, so it's not a big issue IMO. My guess is he'll miss this next game and play in games 3-4.

          Originally posted by CoryWinget81 View Post
          I'm curious as to how serious it really is. Maybe they're just trying to rest him as much as possible?

          Ronnie Hillman says he tweaked his pulled hamstring again today but says it's not serious or a setback, just part of his recovery

          This was when it happened a couple of days ago, so I'm guessing he won't play this week but hopefully will be back for the next game because it doesn't sound that serious.
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