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Broncos' Chris Kuper to miss six weeks with broken forearm

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    Originally posted by Dan in the Can View Post
    No doubt. Seems like we just can't catch a break.
    Want to try and re-phrase that?


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      Manny may not be Magazu's #6. We'll see.

      For years depth at T was a concern, now it's the interior. I would expect FAs and/or rookies will be acquired next year, too.
      "Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes." ~ Publilius Syrus


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        Originally posted by Papa-pwn View Post
        I think it is because we have seen him play at an above average level at RT before, and want to believe that he can still be that player we saw in 2008.

        However likely or unlikely that may be, that is the hope most seem to carry when discussing him
        Due to injury he's just not the same player he was back in 2008. He's looking like he won't even make the 53 man roster and they don't seem to have much confidence in him. If he does make the team it will be because they are hoping that he can round into shape as the season progresses rather than anything he's shown so far.

        But, he's not starting, so all the people making up scenarios like "move Franklin to G and replace him with Harris" are just not dealing with the real world. That's not happening. They're just going to hope that Ramirez can do the job until Kuper returns.


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          A couple of years ago the Broncos were playing at the Bengals. By a sheer fluke I ended up walking past the hotel on the morning of the game where the Broncos were staying. They were just starting to load the coaches.

          There were quite a few Broncos fans there. Most of the players would walk past with headphones on and didn't stop. Chris Kuper stopped for pics and autographs and was a top guy (even he didn't really say much). I must admit that at the time I wasn't totally sure who he was (apart from 'a great big lineman') but quickly had it confirmed.

          Ever since then I've always kept more of an eye on him. Get well soon Chris.


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            Originally posted by FlowdaBroncoFan View Post
            As far as his replacement, Ramirez can not be graded on his preformance against Chicago. They were without Urlacher and Peppers. That changes their hole scheme and attack. When we go against the Seahawks and 49ers, we will know if he can pick up the slack. Good luck against those 2 tough defenses Ramirez.
            No, but you can grade him on every other time he's been on the field. The grade isn't good. We now easily have the worst interior line in the NFL, regardless of which backup scrub you throw in there. None of these guys are good enough to give Manning time consistently. Now would be a great time for Blake to show something. Kupe really needs to hit the milk.

            Did he fall on it? Or just break it off Ty Warren's manly chest?