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More Injuries Hitting Broncos Hard

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    Originally posted by Cugel View Post
    Well the training camp injury bug is biting the Broncos hard in the butt this week with injuries sidelining players at key positions. If this continues, the much praised depth of the team won't count for much as they will enter the season weak at some important positions.

    To recap from this new Post article:

    Jason Hunter: Hunter's tendon is 95% torn and he won't be ready to return to practice until December. He will be placed on the IR to start the season and so will be done for the year. He "felt something wrong" but in the manner of guys trying to make a roster said to himself "I'm a football player" and continued to practice which may have aggravated the injury (or maybe it was already that bad).

    Hunter's injury was especially sad in that he had a great pre-season and actually was winning the starting job from Robert Ayers. His loss for the season is significant.

    Chris Kuper: Kuper will miss the first few weeks of the season as well with a broken forearm and will take some time even after he returns to get back to full strength. Manny Ramirez is filling in at G, which is a BIG drop off from Kuper, who is their best OL (even better than Clady IMO). Kuper will at the earliest return on week 4 against the Raiders.

    Keith Brooking: New Bronco Keith Brooking who was brought in this week to back up Wesley Woodyard during DJ's six game suspension also injured his hamstring and now will likely miss the entire pre-season. This means they won't even be able to evaluate how much gas is left in the tank given his 36 year old body prior to the start of the regular season. OUCH! He also will likely not be at 100% by the season's start as hamstring injuries tend to linger, especially as you get older.

    Quinton Carter: Quinton Carter already has had knee surgery and is missing most of the pre-season. He should be ready to go by week 1 but it also slows his development. In his absence 2nd year safety Rahim Moore has been taking his place and could start week 1.

    Ronnie Hillman: And to round out the list of walking wounded, rookie RB Ronnie Hillman re-injured his hamstring this week and will likely sit out the 2nd pre-season game. If he aggravated the severity of his injury that could also haunt him this season.

    If Hillman can't go to start the season, Lance Ball looks to get the nod to backup Willis McGahee.

    DJ Williams: DJ Williams: While not due to injury, DJ was just convicted for driving while impaired, a lesser charge than DUI, but one which will still subject him to an additional league sanction. He could miss the first 8 to 10 weeks of the season now and there is a question as to whether the Broncos will now keep him on the roster. Yet he is their 2nd best LB behind Von Miller so this is a big loss.

    The Broncos Peyton Manning is still healthy though and that's the most important thing.
    That's incorrect. He is expected to be out 4 to 6 weeks, which starts now, not at the beginning of the season. He could be back by week 2 of the regular season.
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