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Porter, Hillman, Carter, and Trevathan return to practice.

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    Originally posted by dizzolve
    Will we see him on Sunday? Or is it a 'gametime decision'
    I wish I had an answer for you on that one. haha I hope he plays... but yeah we will see.


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      Hopefully he is ready to go. I wanna see him break off a big run in person


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        Originally posted by GettinBuck90
        Jim leonhard has been cleared to practice today! Im glad all these guys are gettin back to football. Im really anxious to see what they can do in the regular season, speially hillman
        Will be interesting to see Leonhard and just how much he can help. I heard today that he was returning punts...

        Also can't wait to see Hillman in action finally. And Trevathan is so intriguing too.

        So much to look forward to.
        Winter is Coming!


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          RE: Hillman

          Hillman's hamstring steadily improving

          Good little article

          ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (AP) — A certain Denver Broncos quarterback has taken quite a liking to rookie running back Ronnie Hillman.

          So much so that Peyton Manning frequently hauls Hillman over to an adjacent field in the middle of practice, just to work on their timing.

          Hillman is eager to get up to speed with Manning even if the tailback can’t quite go full throttle right now.
          That has me super pumped to read.

          “It’s not 100 percent,” said Hillman, whose team will host San Francisco in a preseason game Sunday. “But it’s not bad. You just have to fight through some things.”

          Namely, not having his customary burst of speed.

          Usually, when Hillman sees a sliver of daylight around the end of the line in practice, he’s through it with ease and leaving defenders grasping at air.

          and about his hamstring and likely hood of him playing sunday...

          He’s yet to play in a preseason game, but could see time against the 49ers (No. 4 in the AP Pro 32). At least that’s the plan — hamstring willing, of course.


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            That first quotation excites me, also.


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              down Hillman
              The beatings will continue until morale improves....


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                So excited to see Hillman in an actual game. He will finally add that elusive, speedy home run threat to the team on the ground and through the air. Hopefully he is ready to go when the season rolls around and he can rip the Steelers up in the first game of the year.

                Also sucks that Quinton Carter lost majority of training camp. He probably will only get into the lineup now if Moore or Adams gets injured or they suck. He was a player I was hoping would be a consistant starter on the defense this year. He will be our future starter though so it is good to have him back and add depth.

                Porter looked great in the first pre season game and it will be good to have him back. Our cornerback group is very deep right now with Florence, Harris, Bailey, Porter, Carter all playing great right now and they are all looking very well rounded.

                Trevathan will more then likely not be on the field much this season. He has a good future though and he is still one of my favourite draft picks from 2012. He will be great on special teams though and add a sure tackler with good athletic ability to that group.

                Good to get a chunk of young quality players back.
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                  Originally posted by Remedy
                  I am really anxious to see Hillman run the ball.
                  I agree, i've been sitting on pins and needles just waiting to see what little speedy gonzalez can do. It's almost like waking up on christmas morning eyeballing the 1 present that you want but you have to wait untill your mom or dad give you the wink that says it's a go