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Denver Broncos' Peyton Manning is NFL's best QB

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  • Denver Broncos' Peyton Manning is NFL's best QB

    Peyton Manning is the NFL's best quarterback, the stats prove so.

    Peyton Manning was again masterful, and at times, magical on Sunday Night Football.

    He was patient like usual, picking the checkdown routes at times, but he was also more aggressive, attacking the Saints' sorry defense deep over and over again. Manning connected with Demaryius Thomas on a 41-yarder and a 30-yarder in the first quarter, and hung in the pocket to take a huge hit and deliver the ball down the sideline to Eric Decker. On the play that set up Denver's first score, six Saints' defenders were closing in on the quarterback when he mysteriously and quickly threw it to McGahee who ran all the way to the one half yard line.

    In the second half, he was responsible for the team's second scoring drive of the game over 90 yards, finishing it off with a TD pass to Thomas. Their second drive that half was completed when Manning threw it early to Decker, before he made his cut, proving the veteran quarterback is getting a good sense of timing with the young receiver.

    The special QB ended his day going 22-30 for 305 passing yards and three touchdowns, and his 138.9 passer rating was a personal best this season, leading his Broncos to a 34-7 blowout over the Saints.

    It was enough to push Manning into the lead among all NFL quarterbacks in passer rating, which is too complicated to explain here, but measures how well QBs perform and spits out a number from 0 to a perfect 158.3. Manning's in the lead with a 109.0 for the season, just ahead of Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers (107.9).

    The Broncos' quarterback also leads the league in QBR—Quarterback Rating, developed by ESPN which is like passer rating but more in depth because is measures not only how well a QB does but how well he does in certain game situations. Manning's 82.5 QBR is No. 1, ahead of the Patriots' Tom Brady at 79.2 (QBR is on a 0-100 scale).

    But beyond ratings, his more conventional stats are telling of just how well the 14th-year QB is playing in the Mile High City.

    Manning is No. 1 in yards per attempt (8.22), third in completion percentage (68.5) and touchdowns (17), fifth in yards (2,113), all while only throwing four interceptions.

    He's in the middle of an unprecedented stretch of four straight games of throwing for 300 yards, three touchdowns and completing 70 percent of his passes. It's an NFL record for top-notch quarterbacking with 12 TDs to one INT over that span, and the Broncos have gone 3-1.

    Statistically speaking, Peyton Manning is the best quarterback in the league right now.

    But beyond the stats, it's how he conducts himself and leads his team that is truly special.

    He is a consummate professional and a film study junkie, proving that if he can spend tireless hours studying game film in his 14th season, other younger players have no excuse not to. All that learning allows Manning to exploit defenses, something he's made a living on his entire career. Every game this season you've seen the Broncos' offense get to the line only for the QB to see something he doesn't like, check to a run or a different pass play and come up huge.

    When he's locked in, Manning is unstoppable for any defense.

    His Denver Broncos are now 4-3 with a two-game lead in the AFC West and halfway through the season, he's making a strong case for being the NFL MVP.

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    There's no question he's the best QB. I was shocked that the one year he was out, everyone forgot that. This season should really put that notion to rest. He's taking a completely new team with receivers he has never worked with and putting out a prolific offense in year one. Maybe Brady could do that, but there's no way anyone else (Brees, Rodgers, Eli etc.) can. Sunday night offered the kind of contrast that people often don't think about. We've seen Brees with a less than ideal situation so far. Without Sean Payton, he's struggling to win games. Without Dungy, Manning went to a Super Bowl.

    There's Manning (and maybe Brady) and then there's everyone else.
    Hoping for a defensive-minded head coach and a return to the ZBS on offense. At the very least, no more cheaters for head coach.


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      He has Comeback Player of the Year locked up.

      Anyone think he can win MVP?


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        Originally posted by one5beast View Post
        He has Comeback Player of the Year locked up.

        Anyone think he can win MVP?
        He will definitely be heavily in contention. It's still almost surreal that arguably the GOAT plays for us.
        Come On You Blues! GO BRONCOS!


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          Originally posted by AC1 View Post
          There's Manning (and maybe Brady) and then there's everyone else.
          And the better of the two is Manning. I base that on how well he performs when under pressure. Brady gets rattled and throws it away or takes a sack. Peyton throws a dart through traffic to Willis.


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            Yeah, he can win MVP. If JJ Watt hits a wall or something or he may even just get D MVP of the year. Peyton has a strong chance at his 5th NFL MVP


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              You're making me sad, BSD!

              We missed out on so many seasons! Just imagine..

              (yes, I know I know!!!)
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                Best part about Peyton Manning is that he will only get better as the season progresses, if he can stay healthy. By playoff time this team ought to be clicking like a fine swiss watch!


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                  Originally posted by Kansas Bob View Post
                  Best part about Peyton Manning is that he will only get better as the season progresses, if he can stay healthy. By playoff time this team ought to be clicking like a fine swiss watch!
                  Hard to imagine any qb playing at a higher level than Manning is right now.
                  if man is 5 and jay cutler is 6 then that must make john elway 7


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                    Finally....NO QB controversy!!!
                    John and TD should get their own wing in Canton.


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                      Had my run at this, a couple of weeks ago....


                      The Case For Peyton Manning As #1 QB This Year (Already!)

                      We knew it would take some time. Manning's recovery can still be described as "in progress". Not only that, lets not forget the rust factor, and the new team impact. These are three big hurdles in terms of how well you will perform, especially early in the season. And after all, if Peyton was not going to have any issues, he'd probably still be in Indy. I mean, why would you move forward when you may have the MVP on your team???

             we are, 6 games into the season. We're 3 and 3, which isn't great, but most of us would likely attest that 4 and 2 was about the best we could expect, given the "unknowns" about Manning, and the tough schedule. And I hate talking about toughness of schedule, but sure, you had to think we'd lose to at least two of New England, Atlanta and San Diego in their parks, as well as Houston, who at the time we played them looked like a SB contender. I digress.

                      Back to Peyton.....

                      Currently he is neck and neck (I shouldn't use that word should I?) with Rodgers for highest passer rating......Rogers - 105.4 Peyton - 105.0

                      Their stats are fairly similar, with Rodgers at 68.0% accuracy, and Peyton at 67.8%. Peyton leads in yardage (1,808 to 1,637) though this isn't a big deal to me, because being far behind can influence. Peyton leads in average yards per pass (8.0 vs 7.3). They both have just 4 pics, while Rodgers has a slight lead in TD, 16 to 14. OVERALL pretty similar, and pretty darn good!!!

                      By the way, the next group of rated QBs goes as follows:
                      RGIII - 100.5 (this kid is good!)
                      Ben - 99.9
                      Ryan - 98.8
                      Brady - 97.2
                      Smith - 96.6
                      Eli - 94.9

                      From a leadership perspective, both Rodgers and Peyton are among the best.....maybe ever. They are truly respected. But for me, we need a great leader more than GB right now to build our team's overall confidence, and we're getting all of that and more.

                      As for "game control", there is no one better than Peyton! Others are close, including Aaron, but Peyton leads the way. He is the best strategist you will ever find. Plus, no one puts in more time, and it shows.

                      Bottom line, right now Rodgers and Peyton not only have the best stats from a QB rating perspective (although both are not happy with their win/loss records), but they bring all the right ingredients to be complete in what they do. I happen to really like Aaron Rodgers, and I would never count him out of this season. BUT, with Peyton, recovering and rusty and new to the scene, we've been in every game thanks largely to his leadership, talent and never say die approach.....and what he and his mates did on Monday night made me feel even more confident that we have the best QB in the league......NOW.....and for the remainder of this season!


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                        Originally posted by AC1 View Post

                        There's Manning (and maybe Brady) and then there's everyone else.
                        I agree. Besides them two guys i would have to take Eli Manning.Not by stats,but based on him being clutch once the playoff starts.

                        CP Forthcoming


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                          Originally posted by one5beast View Post
                          He has Comeback Player of the Year locked up.

                          Anyone think he can win MVP?
                          I believe he will will comeback player of the year, MVP, and SB MVP!


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                            He has been amazing so far. I did have some doubts, but after watching him the last 4 weeks, those doubts are erased. Was hard to tell anything after week 1, and then week 2, he looked rusty to me imo. Week 3, I thought he looked way off his game, until the 4th quarter. But then after that, he has looked pretty lights out. It has been fun to watch, and I wish I would have taken him in fantasy. But, hopefully he is back at near 100 percent and gets things rolling down the stretch. So far, I'm loving what I'm seeing.
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                              The scary thing is that he's not 100% yet...
                              All in for Siemian!