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    Like I said before, I'm sure both Miller and Manning don't care for this awards. The one they want is in New Orleans. Individual awards are nice and all, but team awards will put you up there with the great ones.


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      I think Watt takes it this year. It is a toss up between him and Miller but the media has taken him under his wing and that might be all he needs to put him over the top. If he breaks the sack record its all over anyway.

      What both are doing is pretty incredible. It's like the year Jason Taylor beat Bailey for the award. They both had a season for the ages. Both should have been recognized.


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        Personally I feel they are three dfferent defenders.

        Hearing all kinds of poeple say all kinds of borderline stuff in efforts to get their guy the DPOY

        Based on what I have seen of football lately and long term ...

        Watt 1st
        Smith 2nd
        Miller 3rd

        There is a valid arguement for all three being chosen 1st but that is how I think the voters take it.

        Depending on who has the votes Miller may end up 2nd for allot of reasons.

        Miller is the best defender imo btw
        Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play


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          I think Watt is first and then Miller, because Smith looks like a different defender now that Justin Smith isn't in the rotation. But we will see what the 49ers are able to do since they are going up against the Cards, who don't have a QB or a line lol.

          But I think this final week is going to hurt Miller because he drew a team that likes to just run the ball while the other got teams that like to give up sacks. So Miller is going to have the hardest road to overtake the lead. But I think Watt has it and it is his to lose.

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            I'm not giving up on Von Miller,i say he takes the award with a beast performance next week.Chiefs = Derek Thomas Beastmode


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              I can see Watt being listed ahead of Von, but Smith?? No way.... Not close.


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                Originally posted by ERoyal248 View Post
                I'd give it to Watt.

                Me, too. Leads the league in sacks, leads his team in tackles with over 100, leads the league in blocked passes and tackles for loss.


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                  All three are great players, I am just glad we have one of them Miller stays healthy he will take home the award, maybe multiple times, someday. As someone mentioned, he would rather have the Championships.
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                    Von Miller is having a monster season with out a doubt but a lot of his game doesn't show up on the stat sheets. He almost always effects the outcome of the play on the field in one way or another even when he doesn't make the play himself. I think Watt and Smith are great defensive players as well but Miller is showing us that he can do it all from the linebacker position and do it well. Miller is the most complete player out of the 3 and he is only getting better each and every week.

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