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Tom Heckert joins Broncos as new Director of pro personel

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    Also to clarify, my mention of Cleveland not being an attractive place for FA's was an implication that we haven't really seen what this guy is made of from a pro-scouting perspective. People are talking about his draft classes and moves, he won't be here for that. He'll be here to organize scouting of pro-teams players. So future free agent signings and trades for active players will be something he will be a part of. He didn't exactly have much power in Philly, no one has power with their first tenure as GM for a team with a long standing coach in Andy Ried.


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      Why are people in here arguing over Tom Heckert's draft picks the past few years? He's not making picks anymore, regardless if they were good or bad. He's been in the NFL a long time and has GM experience.. anytime you add that experience to your scouting department, that's a good thing.

      Check around at all the national guys and they are saying it's a big score for the Denver front office. It's another knowledgeable & experienced personnel guy in Elway's ear giving him another opinion. That's never a bad thing for a guy like Elway who will listen to the people he surrounds himself with. At the end of the day, Elway is still the man pulling the trigger.



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        Originally posted by assassin216 View Post
        Why do people assume working in Cleveland is a bad thing,I agree their record was bad,but they actually played better than their record indicated....Atleast they're making progress,unlike teams like Oakland,Jacksonville and etc.....

        I dont understand why Cleveland is the standard when it comes to bad teams in the league,when teams like the Cardinals,Raiders and Jaguars are worst than the Browns....
        I think Cleveland gets a bad rap when it comes to attracting free agents. There's a reason LeBron James had to go to Miami instead of Bosh and Wade going to Cleveland.
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