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Broncos Sign Dan Koppen

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  • Broncos Sign Dan Koppen

    We have signed Koppen, via Adam Schefter on Twitter.

    @AdamSchefter: Center Dan Koppen signing one year deal in Denver.

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    Dan Koppen, Denver Broncos reach 1-year contract

    Denver Broncos ‏@DenverBroncos 44s
    The Broncos have agreed to terms with C Dan Koppen.

    Great News
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      And just like that, it's like an injury never happened.


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        No surprise at all good move.


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          Very glad we made this move, I hope he really pushes the younger guys and they learn alot but I will be very suprised if he is not our starter coming out of the gate. I thought he did a great job last year and I am very glad he is back with us.
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            Shocking I------------------------------------*---I Not Shocking


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              Well we all saw that coming

              It feels good when your team makes moves that make sense to you

              Remember back when JMD was here? So many moves were headscratchers. Peace of mind

              Get R Done
              The beatings will continue until morale improves....


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                I dont follow the donks but why did it take an injury to resign this man he filled in for you guys last season and did fine so why not sign him sooner for depth

                congrats you guys seem to be having a lot of luck this offseason


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                  Not upset about this at all. I don't foresee it fortifying the run game or anything, but it's a solid, safe, familiar move for Manning and the boys.


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                    Koppen is decent and a good veteran. Only graded out as #22 among centers last season.

                    I hope Koppen, Kuper and Blake is a good TC battle.

                    I'm happy with koppen but would love one of the other 2 to emerge as a great C candidate.


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                      This is great news and even though Walton is out for the season I still think we are going to see one heck of a battle not.only at center but along the O_line with blake, beadles, Kuper Koppen!


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                        Originally posted by Brohemoth View Post
                        And just like that, it's like an injury never happened.
                        ha, nice.

                        great news. great news.


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                          Not sure why he was ever off the team in the first place. At the very least he should have been kept as insurance especially with the Clady / Kuper injury uncertainties (Clady contract issues aside).


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                            Good. I like that guy.

                            I'm sure between him and Welker, the Broncos defense will have alot on the Pats O.


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                              We can rest easy. He knows the offense and filled in great last year. If JD comes back we have great depth, but I can still see us addressing center in the draft

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