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Broncos Tom Heckert charged with DUI

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  • Broncos Tom Heckert charged with DUI

    This is absolutely getting stupid.

    I've always thought that DUI should be charged as attempted murder. Til then we will still have idiots on our streets endangering the lives of others. I know most will say that's too harsh, etc, etc, I wonder if they would feel the same if they lost a loved one to a drunk driver.
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    Tom Heckert arrested...

    All over twitter.



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      Really guys

      Don't drink and drive. It's not difficult, don't be STUPID.

      ESPECIALLY if you're a public figure or can be, like someone who works in the Broncos front office, this is bringing awful media coverage to our team right now.



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        So Matt Russell, besides being arrested for DUI, also recommended Tom Heckert to Elway. This might be the nail in Russell's coffin.


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          I don't drink and I am a quick learner. I would love their jobs.
          These guys are old enough to know better. COME ON GUYS!!!!!!!! We are not setting a very good example for our young impressionable players.
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            This is just stupid!
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              Is this real life?


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                these guys must make a ton of money how do they not call a cab???


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                  Seriously.....Two in one week are you freaking kidding me? It'd be one thing if it was two players but we're talking FO personel....This is pathetic...


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                    How can this guy do this? How do all these idiots do this stupid crap

                    Especially after what just happened to Matt Russell


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                      OK....Its time for Bowlen to open his pocket book and create one more position in the Broncos organization.

                      What position? A van driver! This van drivers responsibilities? Drive all these sorry idiots around when they get drunk!

                      Cost? 40+k for a driver salary + 40k for a nice van!
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                        Elway is going to lay the smackdown on these two I think.

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                          The problem is that when a person has had too much to drink, his decision-making ability is out the window. Inhibitions are gone, and the bad decision to drive is no longer the decision of a rational man. Sadly, the rest of society pays for this, sometimes with their lives.

                          It's also interesting that this happened a freakin' month ago, and we are just now getting word of it. And Heckert's self-serving statement/apology is way beyond insulting, at this point. Once again, the Broncos fans who furnish this franchise with a stadium to play in, and money from tickets, are the ones who deserve a little transparency. "Transparency" that this organization seems unwilling to provide. And as I, and others have suggested, now is the time for the NFL to force ownership to take these Billion dollar franchises Public, traded on the stock market, and subject to SEC Regulations that requires that the shareholders be kept apprised of these kinds of occurences, when they happen. Not a month later when somebody in the judicial system decides to call a Reporter. Actually, I remember the days when we had reporters who could dig up this information when it happens.


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                            Originally posted by gtown53 View Post
                            Actually, I remember the days when we had reporters who could dig up this information when it happens.
                            You expect a report to actually engage in investigative journalism. Now you're just being ridiculous!


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                              I'm guessing they'll both be gone soon. Heckert's happened a month ago and he might not have even told the Broncos about it.

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