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Broncos looking to sign tight end DeAngelo Peterson

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    Originally posted by Matymaddog View Post
    Only reason he was brought in is because Tamme and Dreessen are hurt. Need a camp body. I don't see any possible way this brand new signing indicates Green is on his way out. It was only done because of Dreessens scope and Tammes been sidelined
    You got it. Gotta practice, and with three Offenses and Defenses on the field, enough players are needed at all positions in order to line up.
    "Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes." ~ Publilius Syrus


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      Originally posted by Garfield View Post
      so time to redo the cap thread..

      I'm guessing that Virgil is not lighting it up enough with all the work he has been getting..

      this is either his replacement or his incentive to get going..

      The reasoning is clearly stated. It has nothing to do with Green
      The beatings will continue until morale improves....


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        Originally posted by Garfield View Post
        as is there any doubt in your mind that green will be on the roster..:thumb:

        You have zero Idea what is going on in the coaches heads right now.

        They brought Dressen and Tamme in as old vets to cover while these two studs take over..

        So far there is ZERO indications they will be ready when the vets contracts are over..

        I think that John is hedging his bets.. all the while giving #4 green a wake up call..
        I'm not sure how much you scouted Peterson, but I've watched almost ever LSU game the past few years so I'm quite familiar with him. Peterson is nothing special, bad route runner and he catches the ball with his body. There's a reason LSU didn't even try to pass him the ball. He's even worse as a blocker. All the struggles Green has been having in camp, Peterson has struggled with throughout his career so far. Green has at least shown the ability to be a good blocker in prior years. Peterson is competing with Jake O'Connell, not Virgil Green. The only way Green is cut is if we go with 3 TEs with Dreessen, Tamme, and Thomas.


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          I think the Broncos would like their TEs to be good blockers as well as receivers. An End is not tight unless he is next to the OT. Tamme lined up split and wide off LOS last year when he was supplementing Stokley in the Slot. His blocking is average. We have no idea if Julius Thomas can block well or not. Virgil Green is an excellent blocker; Dreesen is very good, too.

          We'll just need to see how many Single Back formations the Broncos use whether 11, 12 or 13 personnel. If a football team plans to run the ball from Single Back formations, they need a good blocking TE, a good pulling G and playside G & T who can deliver crushing down blocks. How often the Broncos plan to use 12 personnel will also influence how many TEs are on the roster.

          I expect Virgil Green to be on the roster.
          "Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes." ~ Publilius Syrus