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You Got Served: All-22 review - Broncos vs Ravens

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  • You Got Served: All-22 review - Broncos vs Ravens

    This is an interesting article from Its all over fatman. I know there are alot of nfl alignment gurus on this that can tell me what you think of this article (e.g samparnell and others)

    appy Thursday, friends. It's somehow been a week, and I didn't get to the All-22 video until Wednesday night. When you're going back to Cali to play golf all weekend, and you're not bringing the girlfriend, it turns out that she wants some substantial attention when you get back. Who knew?

    Anyway, better late than never, right? I watched the All-22 last night, and the one downside of the Broncos having run a ton of plays is that the film take forever to watch. Since they show each play twice, and they also show the down, distance, score, and time remaining for a few seconds before each play, it took upward of two hours to get through the whole game.

    Who’s ready for some (20-20) observations? Ready… BEGIN!!

    1. I’ve been beating the drum for a while that the Broncos are not in fact playing a “4-3 defense.” For one thing, there’s no such thing as a monolithic 4-3 defense. For another, the Broncos vary the hell out of their personnel groupings and alignments up front.

    As I watched the beginning of the game, something very noticeable jumped out (Well, it’s noticeable if you know what you’re looking at). When the Ravens drove the field for their first touchdown, the Broncos played almost the entire series in a three-man front. Literally every snap except for one had only three down linemen. If Mark Kiszla had known, he’d have been ecstatic. Remember when some rude guy clowned Kiz over that silly article? No, I don’t mean John Fox; he was relatively polite.

    As the game went on, they used more four-man stuff, but they mixed it up a lot, like they usually do. I decided to start taking some screenshots to demonstrate what I’m talking about. As we go through, let me be very clear with my overarching point, for the slow Legwolds of the world.

    The number of down linemen is of minor strategic importance. The alignment of them is of major strategic importance. The Broncos gain strategic advantage by constantly varying the alignment of their defensive front players.

    (use link above to see more of article)

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    It's similar to what Marvin Lewis ran in Baltimore during their SB year, JDR was the LBs coach under Lewis for 3 season I believe. Rahim Moore always starts out so far back from the LoS, it's amazing that he can make as many tackles as he does when he consistently starts out as the furthest player from the ball.


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      Have not read the article yet, but thanks for posting it. I'm going to look it over when I get the time, I'm glad we have fans that do breakdowns like this.
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        It seems that Del Rio seems to be the master at sporting different defensive looks.


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          I don't think this is a very football educated reporter, at one point he says that he noticed that yanda was taping gradkowski to signal the snap and that he thinks gradkowski must have bad hearing. Smh, watch any football game at any point on any day and you will see this exact same thing which is what offenses do when they can't hear the QB.

          This guy wrote this article like he discovered the fountain of youth, of course Denver runs different formations. He literally acts shocked when we lined up in a nickel formation against a 3 wide receiver set instead of the 4-3. Smh, I could write a better article about our defensive scheme then this bum
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            JDR is using several defensive fronts including a split front with four DL and three Backers. Also: What looks like a 3-3-5, but without Stack, and Double Eagle. There may be others, but I recall seeing these.

            Changing fronts forces opposing offenses to apply and rep run blocking rules against each. Showing Double Eagle was exciting; it's very difficult to run against it.
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              I made note of the 3-3 shift they had earlier today. We run a variety of 3-3 stack looks. I really like the way they shifted the down lineman over to a 7 and brought the backers opposite.

              We face a pretty decent spread team this weekend. We rep'd mostly an 0-5 look up front but I made a point to put into the plan the possibility of using that shift.

              Great stuff. The writers at are awesome. Very knowledgeable individuals.