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Robert Ayers: Broncos v. Ravens 1st Half

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  • Robert Ayers: Broncos v. Ravens 1st Half

    Hello folks, I had some questions specifically about the play of Robert Ayers and I decided to address his play. This is from the 1st half of the game against the Ravens last week.

    I think Ayers can take up the slack that Doom brought to Baltimore. Even if Ayers comes up a little short, of Doom's average stats he can do well enough in my opinion.

    Ayers has been through a lot of adversity after being picked so high a few years back and he's kept his humble attitude and plays hard. He may have been picked a bit high - but I'm happy with the player he's turned into.

    In my opinion and this is by memory not researching stats, but Ayers does show up on big downs. He's had some really big plays for us. Maybe not big games but it's not like he's really had the the snaps to have that big game.

    Once Von is back, (if he can stay on the field) I expect Robert Ayers to look even better.

    Here's to Robert Ayers in 2013!
    The beatings will continue until morale improves....

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    Thanks! i really like these pictures to see what is really going on.


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      I've been banging the table for ayers since last year and have openly voiced that he will more then pick up the slack from dumervil because of his ability to dominate in the run game. Ayers could be a 10 sack guy for us while being one of the best DE against the run.
      A healthy Kenneth Dixon is a top 5 NFL RB.