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Broncos are running the ball better than most think

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  • Broncos are running the ball better than most think

    Interesting article about our running game:

    Numbers don't support claim that Broncos struggle carrying ball; NFLPA to investigate Freeman leak; Suggs thinks Goodell was behind SB blackout; heat rising around Schaub

    Broncos are running the ball better than most think

    Douglas LeeOct 2, 2013 11:19 AM

    Good Morning, Broncos fans! Justifiably, all of the focus thus far has been on Peyton Manning's historic start, and his devastating trio of receivers have gotten plenty of attention as well.

    In many instances, talk of Denver's offense has featured a Yeah, but they could run the ball better caveat.

    But is that really the case?

    Their #4 ranking in run success rate, according to Advanced NFL Stats, doesn't exactly support that.

    So far, the Broncos have split carries pretty evenly among Knowshon Moreno (46), Ronnie Hillman (25), and Montee Ball (39).

    In terms of counting stats, Moreno is currently on pace to match or exceed his career highs.

    But as for success rates, he's among the league's leaders, while Hillman isn't too far behind.

    To wit, Knowshon's rank among the NFL's backs are #3 in WPA and EPA, #11 in success rate, and #12 in YPC. Only LeSean McCoy and Darren Sproles outrank him in WPA and EPA.

    Meanwhile, Hillman is #13 (tie) in WPA, #5 in EPA, #2 in success rate (!), and #15 (tie) in YPC.

    Of course, they owe much of this success to Manning and his receivers (and big leads), but still, these are not numbers at which to turn one's nose up.

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    I would be interested to see what they rank midway through the season. Moreover, as playoff time comes let's see if opposing teams play with any concern about the run game.


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      The running game has been effective, and is only going to get better.

      Knowshon will always be thought of as something of a disappointment considering where he was drafted, which is why I believe some Bronco fans have a hard time realizing how well he is playing now. Hillman is getting better in his natural role as the third down back, and Montee Ball has shown flashes of what he can do...and CJ Anderson is on the horizon as another exciting young runner

      Knowshon reminds me of Ahmad Bradshaw as a guy who was always under-rated as a tough runner, but who was good enough to win a Super Bowl with
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        Our running game is very underrated,every time I turn around people say we can't run the ball,which makes no sense at all.........
        I support Kaepernick 100%