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Von has been working with a pass rush specialist

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    Originally posted by #24 Next Champ
    I really really hope it doesn't sap his speed at all, that's his edge and imo players need to maximize their edge

    Hopefully it just makes Von stronger and even harder to deal with but I really hope he still has the same explosion

    Ftr, Chris Harris gained 15lbs this season and imo so far it's only hurt him...he seems a step slower this year...still elite but I'd prefer him 10lbs lighter
    He said he's leaner than he's ever been so hopefully that'll help counteract. It's always tough to tell though and it is always a little scary when a player tries to change something about their physical ability. Vickerson dropping weight is a good example as it completely destroyed his entire skill set as a player.


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      I can't imagine Von having all this time to rectify the situation, and not coming back in top shape. I believe he will be out to prove himself, starting in his first game.

      No worries here.


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        Originally posted by roushmartin6
        Getting Champ and Von back is huge. Champ when healthy can take away an entire side of the field which allows you to blitz safeties more and Von takes the pressure off of the other guys who are already doing well like Shaun Phillips
        Champ also sees things the other DB's probably don't and can adjust coverage, call audibles, tell them which way to cheat a route, etc.

        Von is just about the most dynamic defensive player in football. He's a nightmare to block, he's good against the run, and he's improving his coverage ability. He is a guy everyone HAS to account for on an offense, which frees up a ton of other players to do their damage.


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          Originally posted by orangecrushtime
          And it looks like it is all muscle. According to Denver Post he is 262 and under 10% bodyfat and The Gazette reported he weighed 270 this week. He says his conditioning is fine to. Calling it right now 3+ sacks this week.

          Best article -
          262 is awesome, but 270? I have to see it to believe it.
          Fightin' Texas Aggie c/o '16


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            He doesn't look very big in pictures of today's practice. With how much weight they say he gained it sounds like he ate all the chickens on his farm which means his only investment right now is football.