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Champ Bailey grades debut performance "not good".

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  • Champ Bailey grades debut performance "not good".

    Not sure if this has been posted anywhere, I couldn't find it anywhere. Anyway the article talks about how Champ doesn't think he played well against Jacksonville basically. He just says that he is a perfectionist, but I know many of us on here have said that we thought he played well last week. It's nice to know that Bailey feels like he can really improve a good bit from that. The article also talks about the plan to move Vasquez to RT and Chris Kuper starting at RG and it talks about how all 7-0 teams in NFL history have all made the playoffs.

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    No, I was one who did not think his performance was very good. HOWEVER, I couldn't say anything bad about him. For one, its tough getting back into things, I am sure. He was also battling against a heck of a receiver. Also, I assume there is some hesitation on the turns and pivots on that ankle, some worry on his part. And lastly, I love Champ, and I believe he will get back to form.


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      I didn't think he was very good last week either. He seemed behind on a couple of coverages and got beat on some routes I wasn't used to seeing him get beat on. However, it was his 1st game of the year coming off of a foot injury, he'll be fine. I wouldn't be suprised if he decided or the team decided he wasn't needed and kept him out until last week. I'm sure they wanted him back for this Colts game and probably wanted to get him one game under his belt for a tune up. I'm willing to bet we see a much better Champ this Sunday.


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        Rust rust rust, that is all


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          Champ has always been critical of his own play. He knows what needs work and he'll get it corrected.


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            I thought he played fine its not like he was getting beat when he covered Blackmon he did good unlike half the dbs what the hell were people expecting 50 tackles and 10 ints in one game coming back from injury?? get over yourselves