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Denver Broncos playoff picture: Broncos control their playoff destiny after sweep of

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    Originally posted by samparnell View Post
    Too true. Add KC and Dallas to road wins against playoff teams with the latter being an outlier in terms of points allowed. Average score is 38-26. The O/STs have turned the ball over in minus territory fairly regularly, so D is not allowing 26ppg. Solve the turnover problem and the margin of victory will expand. Running the ball more may cut down on points scored.
    Manning hasn't been getting strip sacked lately, which is nice, and keeping him protected in the middle means he won't make those awkward throws from his back foot that float. Montee continues to hold onto the ball so we can spell Moreno, and I like the prospect of turnovers slimming down.

    Even without perfection, if Denver commits 1 less turnover per game, and 2-3 fewer penalties, I just don't think they could lose if they tried.

    Originally posted by PManningTKO View Post
    We will win out.

    Look at the two games we lost. We barely lost to The Colts despite crucial turnovers and mistakes. We lost by a field in OT to New England in crap weather and winds in Foxborough. Isn't that a game where they're supposed to "kill us."

    The Broncos are still the best team in football, because unlike Seattle and New Orleans we are seemingly good everywhere.
    This. Denver has been consistently capable of a lot of the same things no matter where they play, no matter their game plan, and no matter what their opponent is doing.


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      Denver has yet to play anything close to a perfect game so far this season. That's good. Need to play the best in January and peak during the Super Bowl.
      "Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes." ~ Publilius Syrus


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        Originally posted by southern cross View Post
        In one of my posts a few weeks ago, I had the same thought. This game with the Titans has been on my mind for a while, and I think it could prove to be a challenge for the Broncos. For that matter, after watching the way Houston played NE the other day, I think they may be up for a battle, too.
        New England is 31st against the run, which is the Texans' specialty. Also, the Patriots offense is much weaker this year than it has been in previous years.


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          Titans are still fighting for there playoff lives. Texans are the wounded animal which is backed into a corner. Oak and SD are divisional. We will get there best game for the remainder of the season. I do feel like that if we limit turnovers and get healthy on defense we can win out and should start to peek in January.


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            If NE has one more L in them we will get the 1 seed without a doubt. Good thing is each game is important until we clinch 1 seed so we can continue to work on getting better


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              Obviously we want the number 1 seed.

              With that said I do not want to push any good starters too hard to come back for it. Let the players heal who need it.

              We almost beat NE without DRC half the game and Julious the entire game...I would take my chances against our final four opponents without those guys if that means getting healthy for playoffs.

              Would like to see Champ get allot of action so the rust is gone come playoff time besides that health and playoffs are my main concern...tempered with playing hard to keep the edge.
              Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play


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                Originally posted by samparnell View Post
                Due to San Diego being on the previous Thursday, the Broncos will have three extra days to heal up before visiting Houston. San Diego and Oakland will be challenging as well, as are all NFL opponents.
                The '76 Bucs and '73 Oilers beg to differ.