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Denver Broncos Linebacker Steven Johnson Deserves More Looks

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    Originally posted by NachoJuice View Post
    Our run D was never playing that well ... we were up huge on teams and so they weren't running on us.
    That looks to be the case with the Chargers -- the Broncos allowed an average of 4.0 and 3.8 yards a carry against the Chargers in both games. However, in the first game, the Chargers made only 22 rushing attempts and in the second, they ran 44 times.


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      Yeah, having an elite offense will definitely hide the problems we were experiencing on D. Look at the Titans game, when it was close, they were running the ball on us quite easily but once we got up 2 scores (thats the magic number it seems) and they had to pass on almost every down and we didn't have to worry about play action ... the D feasted causing turnovers, playing fast ... This is not a D that is going to dominate teams in close game, I don't care how many yards they give up, its the long TD's that need to be avoided. Any time we trade a TD for a FG regardless of what the drive looks like I'm happyy.

      Had we not settled for a FG the second drive agains SD, we'd be having a very different discussion these days