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Knighton Interview, Denver SD stat, and Injury Updates

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    Originally posted by BraxtonINTFavre View Post
    I don't wish injury on anyone, and I never expected to be saying this about him.

    If Ryan Matthews doesn't play, I will be a happy boy.
    I won't. I want to take everything from everyone while they are at their best!

    The 97 Broncos took that Superbowl. We went in and beat the other teams in their house while they had their best on the field. I want that type of run.

    Who want's to fight a championship fight with a guy when he has a hurt shoulder....

    That's a cowards mentality. I know we are injured as well, but if we persevere and still win this game and beyond victory will be all that much more sweeter.


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      I couldn't care less if they have their best players on the field, I want that W. This isn't the time to worry about if we are playing their best players. This time next year or even in 6 months we won't recall who they played. Not going to do it, don't care! Just care about winning. Say like we win this game and NE comes here, but Brady gets hurt tonight and doesn't start next week...even better for us.