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John Elway after the preseason loss against Seahawks

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  • John Elway after the preseason loss against Seahawks

    Great read.
    Just illustrates Elway's fierce competitive nature.

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    I think they all got the point!
    res ipsa loquitur


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      Good for him. High standards are one thing but handling it with class is another. He did it the right way instead of on Twitter like a bumbling fool for the world to see.


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        I hope he talks to them again BEFORE this game.
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          Great read
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            Class act, love and respect for the game, and "the drive" to win always! Thanks for being u Mr Elway! GO BRONCOS


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              Can you say G.O.A.T?


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                You guys are welcome that the Seahawks motivated your boys to perform more to Peyton's satisfaction.
                Seahawks fan.


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                  The way we played that game bothered me too....I remember some saying it did not mean a thing on these boards and some were bothered like me.

                  Interesting to see it bothered Elway as well.

                  Glad he laid it down then and there....if you want to be a champion it started way before the first game of the regular season. Interesting to hear PM say he felt it was not just a message for the players but also the coaches.

                  Time and time again the current leadership of this team has shown us they are doing everything they can and not leaving ANY stone unturned to get a championship.

                  PM said Elway did not address the team any time during 2012. Elway asked himself ..."what can I do better" and here is an example of Elway changing what he was doing to help make this team better.

                  After the Balt loss Elway said EVERYONE needed to improve...and here he is leading by example.

                  Man we are so lucky this man came back to lead our Broncos
                  Lets Ride!


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                    I guess after that blow out in the preseason this Super Bowl was just meant to happen..

                    Hopefully that amps our team to play at their peak.