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Four-headed horsemen of Broncos will ride together again

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  • Four-headed horsemen of Broncos will ride together again

    Wow, a really great article. Good job, Woody Paige.

    NEW YORK — This Super Bowl is not the be-all, end-all for the Broncos' brass.

    Win or lose, the four head horsemen — Pat Bowlen, John Elway, John Fox and Peyton Manning — will be back, possibly for back-to-back championships.

    There has been some stupid speculation here this week that if Manning were to secure his second Super Bowl championship and his deserved place in NFL history, he might retire. He won't.

    In 2014, Manning will be playing for the Broncos and receiving another guaranteed $20 million.

    The nerves in Manning's right arm likely will never return to 100 percent, but, at age 37 he proved he could still pass. He produced the most proficient season ever for a quarterback. He has told me his body feels strong and functional. He has no intention of quitting. He's still enjoying the games and, more important for him, he's enjoying the practices and preparation.

    Despite being injured this season, the other elder statesman on the team, Champ Bailey, playing in his first Super Bowl after playing extremely well in the AFC championship game, has another season, or three, left in him.

    Despite having to miss a segment of the regular season because of his heart issue and subsequent surgery, Fox is healthier and slimmer than he's been in years, and determined to keep on coaching. He will receive a three- or four-year contract extension after the Super Bowl and a raise to the $4 million-to- $5 million range annually.

    Despite overtures and offers, coordinators Adam Gase and Jack Del Rio also will return. They like living in Denver and working for this franchise. They'll have more opportunities to become a head coach.

    Despite the fact that some people in the organization didn't want Bowlen to hire Elway as the club's executive vice president of football operations in January 2011, the two longtime friends reunited and together have gotten the franchise back to the postseason three times in three years.

    Elway told me months ago he was "not building a team for now, but a team for now on."

    Elway, 53, isn't walking away from football for several years. He loves his job and the power, and his competitive juices have been re-energized as a decision-maker and mover-shaker. If the Broncos had slugged along after his return, Elway might have gone back to the golf course, and the good life. But he is an annual finalist for league executive of the year, he enticed Manning to come to Denver and he restored the Broncos' rich reputation.

    When Bowlen and Elway discussed the role John would have, Pat declared he could be a minority owner or an executive, but not both.

    It's highly probable that Elway eventually will be a part-owner of the franchise. Immediately, though, in the aftermath of the Super Bowl he will get a raise and a contract extension from Bowlen. Elway wants to be in command when Brock Osweiler, his hand-picked quarterback of the future, becomes the quarterback of the present once Manning retires.

    Despite his decision to step out of the spotlight, reducing his frenetic, triathlon-type work schedule, Bowlen will go on indefinitely as the Broncos' majority owner. He will be 70 on Feb. 18. Bowlen once told me: "I'll own the Broncos until they put me in a box." He has turned over the football leadership to Elway and he has turned over the business leadership to club president Joe Ellis, but Mr. B is still The Man. Bowlen goes to Dove Valley every morning; he meets with Ellis and Elway daily, and the buck and the bucks stop with Pat.

    John's objective from the beginning, he told me, is to stand up on the podium and say: "This one is for Pat," as Pat once shouted in John's honor. Elway could get his chance Sunday night.

    Interestingly, the Broncos' brass could take turns bellowing: "This one is for Pat ... and John ... and John ... and Peyton ... and Champ."

    All five will be back together next season, and possibly in the Pro Football Hall of Fame together someday.

    But, first ...

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    Maybe I'm the only who liked it. Hello? (((((echo))))


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      Originally posted by JesseH View Post
      Maybe I'm the only who liked it. Hello? (((((echo))))
      Most people are too busy smakkin right now. It was a good read. LONG LIVE PAT!
      res ipsa loquitur


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        Great news!! I think we have the best run organization right now, from FA to draft to OTA, to the locker room, to the community. I could not ask for anything more from my team. Here is to hoping Bowlen gets to see another 6 SB teams!
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