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Elway finds himself in enviable position again

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  • Elway finds himself in enviable position again

    - Elway finds himself in enviable position again -

    "John Elway has turned the Denver Broncos from riff-raff to royalty in three years.

    He had the second overall pick in the 2011 NFL draft and chose Von Miller. He has the second-to-last selection this time around, and that could prove an enviable position, too." ...

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    This part caught my eye and I was coming here to post the beat me to it tho

    PLUGGING THE MIDDLE: The Broncos didn't re-sign Wesley Woodyard or Paris Lenon. Elway insisted that doesn't mean the Broncos will target that position in the draft.

    ''I don't know that it's necessarily a need. We feel pretty good about Nate (Irving), especially on first and second down,'' Elway said. ''When we look at it, we're more concerned on third down, the nickel backer on third down.''

    And he mentioned safety T.J. Ward, saying the recently signed free agent ''can step down in the box, does a tremendous job in the box, so he could be that nickel backer.''
    Allot of posters been screaming MLB but Irvin on 1st and 2nd while Ward is nickle "lb" makes a interesting case. It may just be a smoke screen but it is interesting regardless.
    Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play


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      It is a pretty good place to be in with the 5th year option on 1st rounders. I say trade out again.
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        Found those comments from Elway pretty interesting too.

        So much speculation about an ILB early. Even trading up to do it. Yet Elway seems to be confident Irving can play a significant role. Also about bringing TJ Ward into the slot coverage. Who knows how much of a smokescreen it is.

        But it does create an interesting draft scenario. Thinking along those terms of the Safety playing a nickle LB role. Potentially a very talented safety could drop to the Broncos. Jimmie Ward, Pryor or Bucannon could possibly be sitting there at #31 or early second if they trade back. Had not been thinking safety but...

        Also saw they interviewed Telvin Smith. Undersized but talented LB for a similar coverage role.

        So many possibilities!