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Cody Latimer worked with Brandon Marshall

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  • Cody Latimer worked with Brandon Marshall

    Indiana WR Cody Latimer has been working with Brandon Marshall during the draft process.
    ESPN's Louis Riddick notes the receiver is specifically working on his separation ability. "Young players that identify weaknesses in their game and attack them stick out to me. Great sign going forward," Riddick tweeted. Latimer might be the fastest "rising" prospect in this class.

    Cody is the most intriguing guy we drafted. Everything about him says that he lacks separation and has only straight line speed, not that elusive. It's great hearing he has been working on this pre draft with one of our former broncos who had the same issues with less speed coming out.

    Cody is beastly strong in the mold of Brandon Marshall. Honestly, Peyton Manning can make any wide receiver great if they put in the effort. I think Cody has all the physical tools to be great...I think he will be a rare breed wideout in the NFL in a couple years. Great job Elway and team!!
    "He's going to be the #1 receiver, and is going to be a star in this league for a long time" Todd Mcshay on Jerry Jeudy

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    Maybe Manning can get him into the Manning camp for receivers quickly. Maybe at the local school yard some where.
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      yup heard him mention that in an interview. BMarsh is his favorite player. Pretty cool he worked out with him.

      I just hope they didn't go to McDonalds.