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Is this Wes Welker's final season with Denver Broncos?

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    Originally posted by samparnell View Post
    I have no clue.

    I just like to study and watch football and ask myself exactly what I see.
    At least you admit it.

    Many fans get so excited about stud players or a player they are invested in becasue they had been saw him in college or in a game their guy can do no wrong and of course how date anyone talk about not wanting him for ever. Damn the costs.

    Those that have budgeting experience KNOW that today is not what you budget for but Atleast one year and often 3-5 years out.

    I would believe that John and his capologist are planning for next year when ever they put a deal together.

    It makes no sense to get a player now only to have to cut several others come next year in order to get under the cap.


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      - Broncos WR Wes Welker remains motivated to win his first Super Bowl -

      "Wes Welker knew numbers long before he started passing out hundreds in winnings at the Kentucky Derby. One-hundred four Division I-A college teams rejected his pleas for a college scholarship in 1999. Texas Tech reluctantly took him after a player bolted, and only then after a private workout.

      Welker posted monster statistics for the Red Raiders, yet no NFL club deemed him worthy of a draft pick in 2004. He was too small, too slow, NFL teams thought.

      Five Pro Bowls and 841 receptions later, Welker confronts his latest challenge, staring at a cold reality in Denver. This might not be his last chance at winning a Super Bowl — he's 0-for-3 in the big game — but this sets up as potentially his final season in Denver. ...

      Welker provides levity in meetings, displaying a dry wit. This is a smart guy. He knows of his uncertain future but chooses to focus on numbers, specifically Roman numerals.

      "I think it's kind of the one thing that's out there for me. It's what pushes me. It's what motivates me," Welker said of a Super Bowl victory. "We have a great opportunity, and we want to make the most of it.""