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Knighton: Defense aims to complement Manning

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  • Knighton: Defense aims to complement Manning

    - Knighton: Defense aims to complement Manning -

    "Run-stuffer Terrance Knighton, one of just three starters who made it from opening night to the Super Bowl, says the goal in 2014 is to see to it that Manning’s high-octane offense is a luxury and not a necessity.

    “We just don’t want to be that defense that does enough to get by and the offense is putting up 40 points,” Knighton said. “We just want to be that defense that goes out there and dominates and be talked about.”

    The star-studded lineup on this retooled defense is enough to make any Broncos fan giddy, but the players aren’t getting ahead of themselves.

    “I think last year we made a mistake of just having the guys we had thinking that was enough and not putting in the effort to be great,” Knighton suggested. “That’s something we’re not talking about this year, the talent we have. We just want to go out there and put in the work.”" ...

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    I'd definitely hope so. We need the D to really shine for us this year. Everybody knows what Manning and our offense can do. But we need to take it to the next level and compete just as aggressively on all three phases of the football. Starting with the D.


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      - Terrance Knighton: "I lead everywhere I can" -

      "On filling the leadership void: ...I lead every way I can. We’ve got a lot of young guys. Sometimes they’ll mess up and they’ll need a vet to let them know it’s all right and we’ve been there before. We just want to make sure everybody’s moving forward together. Me and Sly have been working with the ones, so I go as far as he goes, he goes as far as I go. Nobody wants to leave each other behind ... we want to move together as a group. That’s something we definitely talk about with the first group on defense, playing together as a unit and being a dominant defense...

      On being here when its voluntary: The good thing about this group is right now we’re healthy, besides Vick, but Vick will be back soon and Von is moving around and Chris (Harris) will be back. Everybody’s on the same page. When (Coach) Luke (Richesson) told us we had the day off, everybody looked at each other like, "Three days is enough. We’ll be back. Everybody will be back." ...