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5 Players Climbing The Depth Chart At Denver Broncos' OTAs

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  • 5 Players Climbing The Depth Chart At Denver Broncos' OTAs

    - 5 Players Climbing The Depth Chart At Denver Broncos' OTAs -

    "The Denver Broncos are on a mission to do better in 2014 after suffering a beat down in the Super Bowl. They enter as one of the favorites, but there is no doubting that they need the support of all 53 players to make that a reality. Some players have impressed so far while others have not.

    With training camp and preseason getting closer each day, here are five Broncos players who have impressed so far in OTAs and are climbing the depth chart."

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    CP you for all the articles you posted Emily not just this one. I think we should give you title official Bronco Country Reporter

    This site kinda annoying in how it works but glad to read Wolfe is looking strong.
    Let's Ride!


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      Quanterus Smith: Learning from the Best

      - Quanterus Smith: Learning from the Best -

      "The Broncos' pass rushers gather early in practice for their individual drills. Quanterus Smith is there, exactly where he needs to be.

      At one side is DeMarcus Ware, one of the Broncos' prized offseason pickups, with 117 career sacks to his name in nine previous seasons. Another couple of double-digit sack seasons, and he reaches territory occupied mainly by Hall of Famers. As it stands, Ware is the only player in NFL history with at least 100 sacks who has played less than 10 seasons.

      At the other is Von Miller, returning from a season wrecked by a six-game suspension and a torn anterior cruciate ligament. But with 35 sacks in 40 career games, he remains regarded as one of the game's elite young pass rushers, and now has Ware opposite him.

      Miller is known for peppering responses to media queries with references to "the lab." There may not be a better laboratory in which Smith, a fifth-round pick last year, can learn the science of pass rushing than the one at Dove Valley." ...


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        I am rooting for big Q! He has time to learn and two good teachers to learn from so here is hoping he learns well and when injury comes around at DE, he can step up and do really good.


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          Denver Broncos Road To 53: Wide Receiver

          - Denver Broncos Road To 53: Wide Receiver -

          "With OTA’s and mini-camps over, training camp is right around the corner with everyone from John Elway, down to the casual fans, trying to figure out just who should make the Denver Broncos 53 man roster. Some choices are easier than others, like Demaryius Thomas, but once past the obvious choices, you get down to where the camp battles are ongoing, where it is anyone’s guess as to who makes it.

          For the wide receiver corps, most of it is known as to who makes the roster and who doesn’t. The bigger question is, do the Broncos carry only five wide receivers this year, or six? Since taking over the team in 2011, John Elway and John Fox carried six WR’s into the regular season two of the three years." ...


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            - Denver Broncos Roster Battles: Offensive Guard -

            "As Denver Broncos minicamp comes to a close, it’s time to start taking a more in-depth look at the players competing for roster spots. Today’s subject: The offensive guards.

            Last year, the Broncos had a 1st-team All-Pro at offensive guard in Louis Vasquez, the team’s premiere free agent signing formerly of the San Diego Chargers.

            Vasquez proved to be worth his weight in gold, and was the Broncos’ most consistently dominant lineman a year ago. The guard position is also seeing quite a bit of change with Zane Beadles off to the Jacksonville Jaguars and Orlando Franklin kicking over from his right tackle spot.

            This position doesn’t feature a ton of players but some good competition for backup spots and intriguing scenarios as camp unfolds." ...



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              35 things to help you survive the worst 35 days of your year - the offseason

              35 things to help you survive the worst 35 days of your year - the offseason

              "The offseason.

              More like the off offseason - No free agency to get worked up about. No Draft to watch (and no more hours wasted doing a mock draft before that draft). No OTAs and minicamps to salivate over.

              No. It's just you and your Broncos gear getting cranky and dusty for another 35 days until ... wait, what?

              Another freakin' month? How do we ever survive this month of the year anyway?

              Thankfully, the Mile High Report writers have put their collective brains together to bring you a fool-proof way to get past the lull and cruise into training camp and preseason football fit and ready to get this season started." ...

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                Go to the beach! Drink Coronas and margaritas and listen to Jimmy Buffett! B)
                Kyle: Dude! I almost thought those Afghani kids talked you into not liking America.
                Stan: No, dude. America may have some problems, but it's our home. Our team. And if you don't wanna root for your team, then you should get the hell out of the stadium.
                Kyle: Yeah.
                Stan:<salutes the American flag> Go America.
                Kyle:<salutes> Go America...

                Kyle: Go Broncos.
                Stan: Yeah, go Broncos.
                Cartman: Yeah.