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Ben Garland blazing military-NFL trail

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  • Ben Garland blazing military-NFL trail

    - Ben Garland blazing military-NFL trail -

    "Ben Garland has been where Alejandro Villanueva is now. He knows the odds are against Villanueva making the Philadelphia Eagles' roster after serving four years in the U.S. Army.

    While the degree of difficulty is high, transitioning from active duty in the armed forces to playing in the NFL can be done. Garland is proof. His journey from serving in the Air Force to earning a spot on the Denver Broncos' practice squad the past two seasons provides the road map for Villanueva. All Villanueva, who signed with the Eagles as a free agent before last month's draft, needs is time and opportunity.

    The Broncos have given the 26-year-old Garland that over the last couple of years. Denver coach John Fox is the son of a former Navy SEAL. He has the utmost respect for the men and women who serve and protect our country.

    But Fox hasn't viewed Garland as a charity case. He appreciates Garland's work ethic. He values Garland's presence in the locker room. He knows that no matter what goes wrong or what adversity the team faces, Garland won't quit. Garland will keep pushing, and that resilience is infectious." ...

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    I have been rooting for Garland ever since last year when they converted him over to the offensive side. These are the hard trench workers and he is one that puts out a great effort. I hope that effort will get him a spot on the team.


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      Originally posted by johntbronco View Post
      I have been rooting for Garland ever since last year when they converted him over to the offensive side. These are the hard trench workers and he is one that puts out a great effort. I hope that effort will get him a spot on the team.
      I really don't see that happening. They are pretty stacked at Oline....finally. I believe they will keep 9 Olinemen:


      all 6 of these are locks to make the team. That leaves:


      That's 8 players competing for 3 spots. Paradis is a good bet to make the team, it will be between him and Montgomery and maybe both make it. If both make the final roster, that only leaves 1 open spot. If only 1 of them makes the final roster, that leaves 7 players fighting for 2 spots. I just don't see Garfield as being one of them.


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        Curious how many of the eight listed are eligible for the practice squad. Could see a couple getting stashed there. Paradis being one of them.

        Montgomery's versatility at C/G should help him. Painter and Justice seem to be getting the most reps at this point.

        Have to agree that Garland is a longshot at this point. I do wish him well though.


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          I'm rooting for Garland to make the team too, but it may be difficult.

          9 players on OL ... 1. Clady, 2. Franklin, 3. Rameriz, 4. Vasquez, 5. Clark, ... 6. M Schofield T?G?=T/G, 7. W. Justice T, W. Montgomery C/G, B Garland G.
          Schofield being a 3rd round pick is likely a lock unless he is just unimpressive in camp, that does make 6, though he is competing at OT while Garland is competing at OG. C Paradis is likely a PS player barring injury, he was a late round pick. Ryan Miller may be some competition... hard to say?

          I see him taking the 9th OL spot on the 53 man roster.


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            There will be a lot of shuffling on the O-Line during the two weeks of TC prior to the first preseason game. That time will include scrimmages against the Texans which should be a good test for the O-Line.

            I expect to see a number of different combinations during the four preseason games. Some players will be tried at more than one spot. Word out of OTAs is that Vinston Painter has already had reps at G and T. As mentioned above, Will Montgomery may see snaps at G in addition to C.

            Besides Chris Clark, Winston Justice and Michael Schofield are getting reps at RT. It's a good group with some experience. I agree that Schofield is a lock to make the team, but whether or not he is a starter is a question. Paradis may have difficulty making the roster. He might end up on the PS as mentioned above.

            Ben Garland will give it his best shot. He's had the advantage of practicing with the Broncos for a couple of years, and all last year as a G. He has plenty of scout team snaps and he knows the system well.

            The Broncos have done a good job of assembling a good group of O-Linemen. They only have fourteen at the moment. If they want to have 1st, 2nd, 3rd team groups practicing during TC, they will need one more guy probably a G. :2cents:
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