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Ronnie Hillman drawing raves from Broncos coaches

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    I still don't have a clear picture and stats don't tell the whole story. Just like Thompson and bibbs had a good run called back so did Hillman on one he managed to get outside and pick up a first.

    the 9 yard run was a solid run that first run was bad. The one Thomas got him was a great defensive play. Then there was one where jt showed he cannot block as he completely missed his guy and Hillman was caught in the backfield.

    next week should be a goof test for Hillman and Thompson since I'm guessing he will get reps since CJ will probably be out

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      Thompson looked like a legit zone-blocking RB. Just make your one cut and get going down hill .... not fancy... just meat and potatoes production.
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        Originally posted by 58Miller View Post
        Knowshon had a reputation as a bust before he showed what he could do.
        After watching him this year he needs to stop dancing and hit the hole.
        Knowshown never put it in the floor like Hillman.


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          I really hope that Hillman has 2 fumbles this week and falls off the depth chart. Maybe that is messed up but the guy brings nothing even remotly good to the table. He is a small player that cant break a lot of tackles and is to slow to get around the corner, he is a bad receiver, and struggles blocking cheerleaders let alone blitzing LBs, and he fumbles....I would rather see some of the young players that might be able to help this team do things other than lose games
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            Originally posted by montee2ball View Post
            Knowshown never put it in the floor like Hillman.
            At one point Moreno had a huge problem with fumbles. During his first two years alone I remember 3 fumbles going out of bounds or one split seconds after he crossed the end zone. Funny people thought the end zone fumble at the time was no problem but later that same year he fumbled in the exact same situation except this time it was ruled he fumbled before he entered the end zone. At one time the ONLY RB who was fumbling more then Moreno in fumbles per touches was AP...and those only counted his actual fumbles lost and not his "fumbles" that he got lucky on.

            IMO he tried to do more then he was abilities allowed him to do and this lead to his fumbling issues. A player needs to play within their own abilities and it took Moreno a while to learn this imo.

            He got allot better all around, not just ball security, 2012 and 2013 but Moreno was not near as good as most Bronco fans thought he was 2009-2011. Even in 2012 he was benched a big chunk of the year in large part because of his ball security issues.

            Moreno himself said he learned allot while benched as he watched film on other backs allot because it was his job week to week to play the role of the opposing teams backs in practice.
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              Back to Hillman

              I really like what we saw in the preseason game. I think Hillman is running with more decisiveness and behind a very good OL.

              The OL really impressed me on the goaline TD run.

              I think as long as we not putting Hillman in situations that we expect him to break tackles or run over people he will look good.
              Skill + Effort = Talent. Talent + Effort = Achievement. A. Duckworth - Grit.