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2014 NFL Power Rankings: Week 6--ESPN Ranks Us 2nd After Week 5

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    I'd have the Cowboys & Colts over Cincinnati & the Eagles. Ultimately the power rankings are just a matter of opinion.


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      Originally posted by Freyaka View Post
      They are correct. If the season ended today and no more games were played, San Diego would hold the tie breaker based off comon opponents (they beat seattle we didn't) which means they would take the division. We would be first wildcard and 5th seed in the playoffs. No one is on drugs, that is literally what the playoff seeding would look like if no more games were played.

      The season doesn't end today so it's a moot point.
      Actually the Common Opponents are tied at 1-1 They beat Seattle lost to Arizona We Lost to Seattle Beat Arizona. Plus we have the Division lead because we have played a Division opponent SD hasn't. The Only reason why SD is leading the Division right now is due to Denver having their bye week already.


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        That's right. We're ahead of you guys! Finally some recognition! LOL jk. Even I know that these rankings mean nothing. Whether we're 1st or or 3rd of 10th. The way we've been playing astounds me given the fact that we've had so many injuries, but I've yet to peg us better than you guys until we beat you guys. The fact that we beat seattle, and you lost to them, but you beat the cardinals, and we lost to them, all of that also means nothing. Overall the division is yours to lose and it's us and the chiefs tied for 2nd in terms of fighting for the top spot in the AFC West. Believe me when I say that the rankings are nothing come january/ february.


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          Oh and DVOA has us at #1 ! Off rank 1 Def rank 2 and ST 19

          Superbowl 50 MVP Von Miller on February 7th, 2016


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            It's hard to argue with a #2 ranking when part of the offense is still pretty anemic.

            Our defense might still be a little overrated, not talent wise, but performance thus far. We allowed a 2nd string QB to move the ball pretty well, especially on the opening drive. They are playing much better and should be expected, outside of injury, to improve.


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              I have a hunch we're #1 in most rankings again. Seattle won't be. Dallas will move up and San Diego will likely be top 2 (maybe 3), even though they barely won against The Raiders.

              Do I put a lot of stock in power rankings? Not really. But would I rather be near or at the top, than somewhere down the list? Absolutely!!!