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Why the Denver Broncos' running game has struggled

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  • Why the Denver Broncos' running game has struggled

    One quarter of the way through the regular season, the running game has been poor. Statistically the Denver Broncos are near the bottom of the league in most rushing categories. How does the running game so far this year compare to last season? Should we be blaming the running backs or the offensive line? The offensive coordinator? All three?


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    Broncos' O-Line vaporizes the Cardinals' blitz, shows improvement in run-blocking

    CH74 is back with some "beautiful insight on your favorite Big Uglies." Though much of the talk post-game has been Bruce Arians and his incessant call for suspensions over a missed cut block, CH74 tells us (and the players) how to avoid that unfortunate penalty moving forward. And though our run-blocking is still a bit of a weak point, CH74 confirms what many have noticed - it's also up to the running backs to move north and south in those brief holes.

    Welcome back MHR faithful! I survived the bye week and a quick recon mission in enemy territory to bring you the skinny on the big men for the Cardinals. It's good to be back in familiar territory and back among friends!

    In the game against the Cardinals, the Broncos were able to find some success running the football, but it took nearly the entire first half to find that success. This game really was a tale of two halves, and I am here to attempt to explain why. In my observations, a few things stood out:



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      The main problem with the running game is both the OL and the RB ... to some degree it is also that Denver does not emphasize the running game, we are a passing team and our schemes are based on passing the ball. Our offense lines up in a shotgun a vast majority of the time (maybe as much as 85+% of time?), I don't think this is ideal for running out of. Practice reps emphasize pass blocking much more than run blocking... bottom line is we don't need to run the ball to score points. As the season goes on the Broncos need to be more effective at running the ball or PAP will be worthless, but we don't need it to get points on the board. To some degree the PAP works some even when we have an empty backfield. I hate empty backfields though.


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        When you are picking your OL and the main thing you are worry about is pass blocking then it should not be a surprise the run blocking is not where it needs to be.

        Same goes the other way....I watch the Minn Vikings pass protect and it looks just as bad as our run blocking...probably because during player scouting and selection during TC and PS the thing they worried about the most was run blocking for AP.

        If you have an OL who can run block and pass block BOTH at a high level then your team has a special OL that will probably not last once free agency and new contracts tear into it.
        Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play