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Former Broncos players call out John Fox, Broncos coaches

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    Originally posted by Larryh View Post
    I am having mixed feelings about former players criticizing the current coaching staff. It makes perfect sense that fans would be lighting their hair on fire about what has been happening and the glaring problems with the coaching. But it somehow feels disingenuous when former players do it. It kind of feels like kicking someone when they are down. I'm not sure how helpful it is.
    Really?! I'm extremely happy that our former players are mad enough to voice their opinion about our Coaching Staff. We have to remember that they are fans too. They have invested blood, sweat and tears to try and win games/championships for this Organization and fan base. Somebody needs to sound the alarm because we are way to talented to be playing the way we are, and everybody knows that.
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      Getting to near 30 passes and 5 runs or less two games in a row is bad...even idiotic. IDC if it falls on PM or Gase or both and ultimately it falls on Fox because it is HIS team. Raider game was close when CJ put on his show. The STL game was 13-7 haltime. There is ZERO excuse for this lack of balance specially when the pass obviously WAS NOT WORKING.

      I know we gave up on the run against NE too but not sure the situation exactly so it may or may not belong on this list.

      This is currently looking like a team about the miss the playoffs not make a run at the Super Bowl
      Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play