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Weary of winning, Broncos fans yearn for the days of Star Wars Peyton

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    I think the whole predictable play calling is a bit misleading. Plays feed off each other. A successful play opens up the door to run that play again or action off that play. With no run game there wasn't much we could do to get "creative" so there was some predictability, agreed. But, I don't think it's a fault of lame play calling, it's more that we were incomplete with no run game.

    For other teams what's made a big difference is the ability to escape the pocket. That's not imagination/play calling, that's just a facet that other QB's have and our does not. I'm not saying get rid of Peyton at all, it's just something he can't do. But, this gives another illusion of dynamic play calling. If Peyton gets a bad snap or sees the Oline miss, he's falling to the ground whereas other QB's can make a play. Brady and Wilson beat us doing just that.

    I think most teams have pretty much a regular run of plays they do. It's all about execution or getting to that point of better execution. Nobody complains about the same plays working when it gains yards, but everyone is an expert when it doesn't.

    Hopefully a better run game opens the playbook more. I don't think Gase wants to go to the same well all the time, our execution hasn't given him many more options. I hope. Or, if we can do the same play and keep gaining yards I'm fine with that too. It seemed like we have 10 or so plays back when we were winning Superbowls.
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      Originally posted by broncoslover115 View Post
      I'm a little confused by your post because besides the stupid title, the article actually agrees with your point of view. I'm confused because you seem to be challenging the author's viewpoint, yet if you read past the first paragraph he is saying pretty much what you are. Hence my confusion.