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Orlando Franklin: It's playoff time and I expect to be ready to play

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  • Orlando Franklin: It's playoff time and I expect to be ready to play

    -Orlando Franklin: It's playoff time and I expect to be ready to play-

    "Denver Broncos offensive lineman Orlando Franklin is giving Yahoo Canada Sports an exclusive first-person account of life in the NFL. Franklin grew up in Toronto before playing at the University of Miami and was drafted by the Broncos in the second round in 2011.

    The good thing about the NFL, and sports in general, is once you get to the playoffs it’s a new slate. You can be anything that you want to be. You can’t take anything for granted. The thrill and the nervousness is so unknown. There are 12 teams remaining, 20 teams went home on Monday, there are five head coaching jobs open right now – this is a crazy league. You never know what’s going to happen, that’s what makes the playoffs so exciting.

    Basically it’s a new season. In this league when the playoffs start the tempo picks up, as I’ve said earlier this year in a blog, there’s three speeds to this season – preseason speed, regular season speed, and playoff speed. So the tempo’s going to pick up and it’s definitely going to be a great battle no matter which team we play. ...

    I had a concussion last week, but I definitely think I’ll be all right. I was able to pass a lot of the concussion tests this week. It’s just a matter of easing back into it. I think I’ll be healthy enough to go. Your body is always going to be sore at this time of the year but you’re talking about a one-and-done game so you have to be able to push through." ...

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    Of course I like this article, given the Canadian roots. I think Orlando has been a steady force for us, and has made the most of his move to Guard. I believe he's a real team player, and will do what it takes for his "team" to win.


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      Orlando Franklin has a good, compact stance. He pulls better than I thought he would.
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        I'm glad to see the positive press and attitude. I was a little nervous based on some of his tweets earlier in the year (2014) and such, plus he's playing for $$$.
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