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Denver radio host says Peyton has few friends in locker room

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    Originally posted by mojo0730 View Post
    You know who Elway used to hang out with when he was with the Broncos? Mike Shanahan and Gary Kubiak. Later he would go on fishing trips with Bubby Brister and Brian Griese, but generally he didn't hang out with a lot of the players on the team.

    And D-Mac is one of the most flip-flopping, bandwagonish, inaccurate radio hosts I've ever seen. He's always got "sources" who tells him things that generally turn out to be grossly incorrect. The fact is Manning is pushing 40 with a family. He probably doesn't have A LOT in common with most of these players on the team.
    Known to go off on his own on the road and sneak in and out the back and go out and drink alone after games. He was a bit of a loner but noone cared.

    When the guys asking on his Twitter feed why Manning doesnt throw more short passes into what was clearly a cover 0 all game you have to ask whether he really knows football.
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