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Archie: Peyton struggling with decision

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    Originally posted by broncoslover115 View Post
    Couldn't disagree with you more. Elway has been clear that he wants him back. Many of his team mates have been clear that he wants him back.

    Peyton has always been extremely thorough and weighs out everything. He is very calculating and will look at decisions from all angles.

    I'm not sure why people feel he needs to rush and make his decision quickly or right now. Elway told him to take several weeks off, not to make any decision right now, get away from it and then after a few weeks, think about his options. There are several issues he needs to consider, and these issues are important considerations and are not to be made lightly.
    And here I thought you might find it refreshing that I criticised my main man, Peyton.!


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      Originally posted by TheArtofManning View Post
      And here I thought you might find it refreshing that I criticised my main man, Peyton.!
      Well, that was quite impressive actually.

      But after all is said and done, if you read the article and listen to the video, it's been more about timing than anything. He did say he still has people to talk to but he also said Elway has been swamped hiring coaches, Manning himself has been on vacation, he's not allowed to talk football with Kubiak yet, and Elway will be going on vacation next week. So, it just seems to have been more about timing than anything right now.
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        -Broncos’ Peyton Manning reportedly leaning toward returning for 2015 season-

        "It’s looking as if Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning will be back in 2015, at least according to Gil Brandt, a former personnel executive with the Dallas Cowboys and a current analyst.

        Manning could decide as early as the coming week that he is indeed returning for an 18th season, according to sources.

        Manning has been fairly persuaded that all will work well between him and new head coach Gary Kubiak, who is ready and willing to fit his scheme to play to the quarterback’s strengths.

        Even though Manning attended the 50th Gatorade party late Friday night with several athletic icons, including New York Yankees great Derek Jeter, Manning will not announce he will be having a farewell season in 2015. That’s not his style and he does not want to lock himself into a final year, yet." ...


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          -Drew Brees sings praises of Peyton Manning-

          "Drew Brees serenaded Peyton Manning, hoping to convince the seven-time All-Pro to keep playing.

          ''Peyton, please come back and play,'' Brees sang to the tune of Manning's insurance commercial.

          The scene occurred on stage before Manning accepted the Bart Starr Award for his character and contributions on and off the field.

          Manning said afterward that he hasn't made a decision on returning to the Denver Broncos for his 18th NFL season." ...


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            Originally posted by AussieBronco76 View Post
            Im kinda excited either way.If he comes back I wanna see how we go with Peyton plus an improved coaching regime in just about all facets of our game(team not just Peyton) and If he doesnt I will be excited watching Brock under a good playcaller in Kubiak who will suit Brocks game exponentially.Either way Im excited.
            Agreed. I'm excited for next season. New coaching regime, hopefully more passion, and a great team. Whether it's Brock getting his chance or Peyton getting one more shot, I'm happy and ready. Kubiak, bootleg, and Osweiller seem like a great fit.


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              Originally posted by MegaOrange View Post
              How could he not come back? Doesn't he know we have someone with fire now, an apparent expert at going down kicking and screaming*?

              *It should be noted that fire and going down kicking and screaming was a 2-11 mid season firing. Those quick to defend will point out that Kubiak had a QB that played poorly and an injured RB. He also had a health scare. It's hard to find another example of when a coach had so much go wrong in one season. There was this one coach that lost over half his starting D, all pro left tackle and had heart surgery mid comparison he only made it to the Superbowl. The next year that same coach had a HOF QB that was hurt and instead of using that as an excuse he tried to balance his offense and tried to continue winning. However, his desire to continue winning was not seen as having fire or going down kicking and screaming. He was in fact replaced because he was seen as the exact opposite and replaced with a coach that was better at going down kicking and screaming. The afore mentioned Kubiak that went down with a 2-11 record. While this seems like an awful record imagine what it could have been with a coach without fire and kicking and screaming ability.
              I guess you enjoyed watching Fox being outcoached and the Broncos unprepared in the biggest games.