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    Originally posted by FrostySeamus View Post
    Love the guy. Every time he does an interview he talks about how all he wants is to win a Super Bowl here. He oozes toughness and confidence and you can definitely see the hunger in his eyes. He needs to be great. He is more than willing to do whatever it takes to win it all. Exactly the type of guy you need in the locker room of any contending team.
    Originally posted by dizzolve View Post
    One of the great balanced personalities of the NFL. Keeps it real and is so likable.

    Thanks for posting that. I think he really shined some light on what was and what is to come with Manning and the Broncos.

    He's one of our toughest players and he's not one of the biggest or strongest. Love this guy. Go Manny! I hope we hang to Sanders for a LONG time.
    Originally posted by Soulfire View Post
    I'm hoping Sanders has a good long career here in Denver. I love the passion he plays with and I think he brings a needed spark to our offense. I wish we had more guys like him on the offensive side of the ball... well, actuall... on both sides. I'm hoping the sweeping changes we'll be going through this next season will result in more guys playing their hearts out and leaving everything they have on the field.
    Good posts, I agree with pretty much all of it. :thumb:

    It's pretty depressing that a newcomer shows more heart and toughness than every other player on the team not named Anderson. It speaks volumes about their character because only those with a strong mentality will be able to still flourish on a team that lacks discipline and proper coaching.

    Hopefully we manage to keep Manny in Denver for a long time. He's already one of my favorites.
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