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Intelligence Index: Physically Gifted Denver Broncos a Dumb Team

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    Originally posted by CanDB View Post
    Misleading indicator. There may be a lot of factors behind it. Some may be coaching, but some may also relate to the type of roster you have.

    But "dumb" is kind of harsh!!!

    By the way, it may have some credence. Even though Seattle is just ahead of us on this measurement (and for the record, they went pretty far!!), they did make the dumbest call in history, didn't they????
    Look at the source. Another self serving article by a NE apologist.

    He cherry picked statistics to support his beloved Pats then decided to make the article about the Broncos instead of any of the other 15 teams above them or even how the Pats earned the top spot in his contrived chart.

    Bad enough the Broncos had another disappointing end to the season . Now we are subjected to another "smack filled" article under the guise of scientific based journalism by a Pats fan with a website and a keyboard. Wish they would quit trying so hard to gain approval. They will never get it. Patriots negative legacy is already set.