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John Bowlen arrested on domestic violence charges

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    Originally posted by dizzolve View Post
    Did he really assault this woman? 2 misdemeanors? Big deal(unless he hurt the woman)

    The 911 call makes him sound entitled and immature and delusional to a degree, but did he do something that terrible? I dunno yet. Maybe the chic is a manipulative divisive woman - maybe she is a complete 'victim'

    Disclaimer: True Story - I'm watching the movie Gone Girl as I write this post too so I might be a little swayed at the moment.

    At the end of the day, he looks like a fool. But I'm not going to take him to task till we hear from the 'victim' and find out the whole story. Either way, it's a losing situation for Johnny
    Didn't the woman's statement appear on the police report? She said that Bowlen was drunk (gee what a surprise), drugged, and threatening to kill somebody. I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere.

    I'm hoping that after our last bout with Front Office drunks (Matt Russell, .24 BAL, and Tom Heckert, .16 BAL), or from their blood alcohol levels I should say "alcoholics", that we aren't looking at a "culture of substance abuse" with this teams management.

    Although I don't believe he works for the Broncos, I can't help but believe that Jack Elway may have been similarly crocked when he was arrested for "Domestic Violence" a while back. Hopefully, the Broncos will aggressively address the obvious situation, and won't try and ignore, or sweep this "pattern" of alcohol-related problems under the rug.
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      It's an embarrassment to see it associated with the Denver Broncos. Hate to see someone who's a total ****** inherit the ownership of the team....

      lol - I like the auto editing feature.... didn't realize my word was banned from the boards.
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