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Eight Denver Broncos land on analyst's All-AFC West Team

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  • Eight Denver Broncos land on analyst's All-AFC West Team

    -Eight Denver Broncos land on analyst's All-AFC West Team-

    "Headlined by Peyton Manning and his lethal receiving duo, the Denver Broncos landed eight players on's All-AFC West Team.

    Compiled by Dave Dameshek, the team included Broncos right guard Louis Vasquez, outside linebackers DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller, corner Chris Harris Jr. and safey T.J. Ward, along with Manning at quarterback and Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders at receiver.

    Manning's only current competition was San Diego's Philip Rivers ,but Dameshek noted that the Raiders' Derek Carr could rule as the best AFC West quarterback in the future. For now, the spot belongs to the 39-year-old Manning, who is poised for a big year even in the future Hall of Famer's 18th season.

    His favorite pair of receivers form not only the best duo in the AFC West, but maybe the entire NFL. In fact, Thomas and Sanders formed the most productive receiver tandem in the league last season, combining for 212 receptions, 3,023 yards and 20 touchdowns. Thomas has been a top-three receiver in the NFL the last three years, while Sanders enjoyed a breakout season in his first year in Denver.

    As for Vasquez, he's the lone stable piece on the Broncos' offensive line after left tackle Ryan Clady's torn ACL. Vasquez has started all 86 games he's played in his career, including 32 games in each of his first two years with the Broncos." ...

    Headlined by Peyton Manning and his lethal receiving duo, the Denver Broncos landed eight players on's All-AFC West Team. ...

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    We have loads of talent. I'm surprised that more defensive players are not listed.

    Not sure there are many CBs better than Talib


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      Originally posted by Garfield View Post
      We have loads of talent. I'm surprised that more defensive players are not listed.

      Not sure there are many CBs better than Talib
      Glad to see Chris Harris finally getting the recognition he deserves.
      Adopted Bronco: DeMarcus Ware


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        Like seeing articles like this...let's make it 5 AFC West Championships in a row and tie the raiders streak from '72 to '76
        "There is no plan B. Plan A is to win the Super Bowl" - John Elway
        PLAN A ACCOMPLISHED 2/7/16!!!
        LSU 15-0 2019 BCS Champions...Geaux Tigers :dance:


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          Regarding the AFC West opponents this season ... I don't think any of the teams did a whole lot to make themselves better, I think if any team other than Denver is going to win the division it likely is going to have to be because Denver/Peyton got worse this season not because any of the other teams got much better.

          KC drafted CB Marcus Peters, not a bad pick but not likely to make a BIG impact overall to the team at CB, OL Mitch Morse - again not a bad pick (I like it) but not a difference maker as a rookie. Free agency KC didn't do a whole lot ... Jeremy Maclin will help but they need more than that at the WR position, they added Ben Grubbs and that might help but not really a difference maker; I could be wrong but I don't think KC did much to make them any better than last year. They won't win the AFC W. division.

          Oakland? The Raiders probably got better more than any other team in the division this offseason but it isn't likely to be enough to win a division in 2015. They should be a better OL with Hudson, but you never know he is just one player and has had basically one good season that didn't even earn him a pro bowl spot. J'Marcus Webb is ...? at OT he has been up and down in his career ... Trent Richardson could still be a good RB but probably not in Oakland, Dan Williams is good p/u, that should them on D but they likely still have a ways to go. The draft they had a relatively high pick ... Amari Cooper will probably be a good/great receiver and they do have on of the best young QB's to throw to him but overall the Raiders are not going to be contending for a division championship in 2015.

          Chargers? San Diego did some things to make them better in 2015 ... signing Orlando might help them some but they weren't too bad on the OL last season anyway. Rivers wasn't sacked a whole lot and had a pretty good season. The biggest help they MIGHT have on offense is rookie RB Melvin Gordon from the draft. Perryman may turnout to be a impact LB but the odds aren't really with that in his rookie season but you never know, so far I think Perryman has gotten some bad press?? Jacoby Jones and Stevie Johnson can help them at WR, they could make a difference but Gates at TE is 35 right now, how good will he be?
          The Chargers, I think will have the best chance to take the division away from the Broncos but I think the Broncos are still better.
          None of the teams in the AFC West are much different/better than last year ... the Broncos will be better on defense because of the change in coaches and the offense will have a running game WITH Manning.
          5 AFC West championships in a row ... hopefully we can turn that into a SB championship!



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            On my AFC West team, I would put Emmanuel Sanders, Peyton Manning, DeMauryus Thomas, Von Miller, Chris Harris, Aqib Talib and the injured Ryan Clady. That's based on last year's output.

            This year...

            Miller, Harris, Talib.


            That O-line. I see it having trouble defending Manning, which is going to hurt the passing game and the running game. Sambrailo at left tackle? Clark at right tackle? Against Hali and Houston and Ninkovich and others? Garland and those other tiny tots trying to push around big 3-4 linemen and linebackers? I once saw Garland charge a linebacker at the goal line and gain not one inch of ground.