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Cody Latimer vows to get on field for Denver Broncos

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    Originally posted by Gbt31 View Post
    Still think we should have drafted Moncrief instead of Latimer...or maybe moved up and drafted both instead of Schofield...but we will see how it plays out. Still hoping Latimer shows us there is a reason we moved up to get him.
    For Kubiaks offense I am glad we have Latimer instead.

    Originally posted by pzmire View Post
    My prediction is DT signs his tender and plays on a 1 year deal - As often happens with players who sit out a portion of OTA's and or TC, he will sustain an injury - probably a severely pulled hamstring or some such and be hobbled throughout the year - He will sit and Cody will be the primary beneficiary
    Sadly I agree there is a better then not possibility of this happening.

    At this point I think it is more on the agents of these WRs trying to push the max salary for WRs up then the teams who are just trying to keep salaries reasonable and not put too much money into one player.

    Who is going to suffer is the guy not doing any physical training for worry of risking a injury which means the chances are higher when he does start playing his out of conditioned body will not only be unprepared for football but more likely to get a injury.
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      Does anyone know his Wonderlic score?

      I ran into quite a few Indiana fans who swore up and down the kid was brain dead. Im not one to believe everything told to me but I cant find his score anywhere on the net.

      As we know, rumors early last season were he could not grasp the playbook and Mannings audibles which baffles me because in a hurry up, routes are given with hand signals and key verbal indicators