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Peyton Manning set to unveil his new mash-up offense

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    Originally posted by 58Miller View Post
    Yes he did throw 3 INTs in the second half he also lead 3 td scoring drives in the 3rd quarter to get us back in a game we were down 20-7. Manning struggled in the 4th quarter and threw a horrible pick 6, and then another pick in the final seconds after the game was decided.
    Sometimes qb have bad games (Brady vs KC last year comes to mind)
    The whole point is John Elway got sick of teams knowing exactly what our offense was going to do, so he canned a coach who was 38-10 the last 3 seasons ( best record of any team in the nfl), to try and change things up.
    Yeah it was all him in the third huh. Boldin's KR and Vons FF had nothing to do with it.

    Well just agree to disagree because I'll never not believe that Manning didn't single handedly lose that game.

    But, back on topic, imo that needs to be taken out of his hands. Run the plays that are called.

    Hooray, beer!


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      I look forward to an offense that is not so predictable. I am all in and I hope they can get it to work like it should.
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