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Peyton Manning on if 2015 is last season

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    Originally posted by lvbronx View Post

    I suggest you get used to the likely possibility that Peyton plays not only this year, but next as well.
    At his salary, if hes playin not to his salary, Elway gets rid of him.

    He got rid of Champ, lets not act like Peyton's any different here.


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      Originally posted by ERoyal248 View Post
      At his salary, if hes playin not to his salary, Elway gets rid of him.

      He got rid of Champ, lets not act like Peyton's any different here.
      What is playing to his salary?

      Considering we have a totally new OL in front of him. With not a single player on the line that has had the same guy next to him for ANY regular season games and the right side for part of each game in the preseason. The left side for zero actual game time so far.

      Let add in that they have a new playbook. For those few that have played together last season.
      IMO the first 5-6 games are going to be a Chinese fire drill for the O.

      While Kubes is going to accommodate Manning in allowing him some of his OWN play calling. Only Vasquez in front of him has played a down at his regular spot before.

      We got Matthis at the last second and while he is a pro bowler he has no clue on what TY or Paradis will due In any given situation. Same thing applies to pro bowl Vasquez.
      Great OLs take time to build, sometimes years. By the time we get decent Matthis will be gone and perhaps clady will be back (my bet is he is cut) but none the less we start to build trust again next fall.

      Now all of that said. DT has looked like crap so far, Saunders has been hurt and Lattimore has been a no show.

      We have a new TE and Norwood and the only guy that Manning has thrown to before was Green all 5 times last year.

      So how about calling a spade a spade, odds are this offense is going to be all screwed up for while and it will not be Mannings fault


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        Originally posted by Papa-pwn View Post
        I believe Manning is average at best.

        I believe we can do better.

        I want us to do better.

        That is my agenda.
        If this is true, the Ravens ought to cut Joe Flacco today! He looked worse than Manning did Sunday, had a lower rating and threw more INT's than Manning! Flacco's arm must be wore out and he has always had a slower release than Manning, IMO!
        Manning is getting use to a different system, coached rested him a lot in preseason, two of his favorite receivers are gone and he has a new, untested front line. All I heard Sunday was Sims saying how the Ravens OL was young but very experienced and I think all his WR was back. When was Manning ever able to complete a pass laying down??? lol
        Manning is older but I still think he is a quality QB and better than most of the QB's in the NFL!
        Manning haters, suck it up, unless his OL gets him hurt, he is still far and away the best QB on our roster!