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Shane Ray Tweets Support of Aldon Smith, Throws Shade at Oakland Raiders

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    My first impression while reading the title was ......... "I'm getting sick of these players siding with each other vs. the NFL" rather than "siding with their own team mates vs rivals"............ the way it used to be. Big Al is sickening with that blind player support crap. He's such a union drone.... meh

    BUT - I DO love that he's talking junk to OAK fans. I love it. In fact, it directly soothes my initial concern with the Aldon support. Ray is gonna be outspoken and rub people the wrong way. SOK with me. This Broncos team needs more sandpaper with their Politically Correctness(Manning). Manning wouldn't EVER say anything like that - but someone NEEDS to.

    You guys might not look at it this way, but I see it as leadership. I hope Ray sees it all the way through with Denver (so long as he's who we think he can be).

    The beatings will continue until morale improves....


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      Originally posted by Frenchy180 View Post
      I'm pretty sure, could be wrong, that if he's suspended for the year, it won't count as an accrued season... So it won't count as a year on his contract...
      Well he hasn't been suspended yet so the question would be how many games towards an accrued season?