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Forbes: The Most Valuable Teams In The NFL 2015

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  • Forbes: The Most Valuable Teams In The NFL 2015

    SEP 14, 2015 @ 09:51 AM

    The National Football League has become a 24-7 reality television show that dominates the news cycle year-round.

    Thanks to TV programs like Hard Knocks, A Football Life and Undrafted, as well as annual events like the NFL draft combine and the college draft, professional football has become a seamless production, cast with good guys and villains (each of us gets to decide where Tom Brady and Roger Goodell fit). Throw in fantasy football, mix in all the ways you can consume the content, and you have today’s NFL economic model: Destiny: The Taken King PS4 bundle–except with real people.

    What does this mean in terms of Benjamins? Style and business acumen can count much more than winning.

    The Dallas Cowboys have not been to the Super Bowl in 20 years but the shrewd marketing of owner Jerry Jones and a gold mine called AT&T Stadium have kept the team atop the NFL’s financial ledger.

    This is the 18th year that Forbes has compiled valuations of NFL teams and the ninth consecutive one that the Cowboys have landed in the top spot, worth $4 billion this year. In 2014, the Cowboys generated revenue of $620 million–a record for a U.S. sports team–and ranked first in the NFL in average attendance (90,000), premium seating revenue ($120 million) and stadium revenue generated from non-NFL events ($30 million).

    The New England Patriots ($3.2 billion), Washington Redskins ($2.85 billion), New York Giants ($2.8 billion) and San Francisco 49ers ($2.7 billion) round out the NFL’s top five. The commonality among the NFL’s most valuable teams is that they are in big markets and play in cash-rich stadiums run by the teams. The bigger your domain, the greater the opportunity to cash in on the fantasy and reality of the NFL.
    Rank: #11
    Team: Denver Broncos
    Current Value: $1.94 B
    1-Yr Value Change: 34%
    Debt/Value: 6%
    Revenue: $346 M
    Operating Income: $65.8 M

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