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Denver’s D Sets the Tone

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  • Denver’s D Sets the Tone

    - Denver’s D Sets the Tone -

    On Further Review: The Denver Broncos' defense. The MMQB's Peter King takes a look at the Broncos' defensive play against the Baltimore Ravens from Week 1.

    So … a different format this year. After many of you over the years suggested we wait until the last game (or games, in the case of the opening weekend) of the weekend be played before ranking the best teams, we at The MMQB agreed. This season we’re breaking out the Fine Fifteen section from the “Monday Morning Quarterback” column and running it on Tuesdays.

    ... but the Denver defense was just too good, the best by far in the league through one week. And so the go-get-’em scheme of defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, along with a few very talented pass-rushers, catapults Denver to the top. ...

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    Truly great defenses do not sit back and wait for what the opposing offense gives them they instead go after and attack. That is what I love about this defense and Wades strategy!


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      To think 2 of our def starters were not on the field...
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