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It’s Official: Peyton Manning is now a complete liability

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    Originally posted by TheArtofManning View Post
    The problem is, where do we go from here?
    If Manning is the primary problem on offense, it is what it is. Elway will not force (probably not allow) Kubiak to bench Manning. It's not going to happen. Not because I say it won't, but all of you know it's true. The team is 5-0 and they are not going to bench the starting QB on a 5-0 team, even if he's Mark Sanchez for example.

    So, this is the last rodeo for the old goat, and they're going to ride the "pony" the rest of the way. You all know it's true. So, if we can accept that, what ELSE can be done to improve the offense. As bad as it's been, they are moving the chains reasonably well, they just die in the red zone. What could help?

    1) Better blocking. Maybe the OLine will gel a bit better?
    2) Running game. If #1 happens, then the running game will get better.
    3) TE play. It's abysmal right now. Would Elway trade a draft pick for some immediate TE help?
    4) Slot play. Can they settle on somebody as the primary slot receiver? Fowler perhaps?

    I'm not exonerating Manning. I'm simply asking everyone to accept two things:
    1) It's his last year
    2) They aren't going to bench him
    If his play declines, don't worry the FO will find a fitting injury tag so Manning can save face.

    Defense wins championships


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      Originally posted by InsaneBlaze23 View Post
      This....mostly the last part of your post. Seems like people are defending Manning because he's a Bronco, and are putting one player over the rest of the team, because his name is Peyton Manning.

      I just hope he figures out his career is over before he ruins a really good chance at winning the SB. He can't even manage the game at this point and time. Can he improve? From what I see no. He will be physically incapable.

      We have an amazing defense all we need from our QB is game management and it doesn't appear Manning can do it behind this offensive line, at least Brock would have a better chance at running away from the horrible blocking instead of sacking himself.....
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        The logical conclusion is that Kubiak is a liability. Had his chance in Houston, never made it over the hump. One unspectacular year at Baltimore in which he was just OC.


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          Are we searching for a single target so we can concentrate our fire? It isn't Manning, it isn't Kubiak, it isn't the O-line, it isn't the TE's. It's ALL of them, together, working like an un-oiled machine. TE's need remedial blocking training, the O-line needs remedial blocking training and remedial snap count training, Kubiak needs to put Manning back in the shotgun (a shotgun causes a lot more damage than a pistol) with a bit more liberty on play calling (he's looking at the defense head-on, not from the side), and Manning needs to work on speeding up his reads and accuracy.

          It's not one HUGE problem; it's four smaller problems that together equal a potentially huge problem.
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