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Peyton Manning wins a well-deserved 'Sportsman of the Year' for 2014-15

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  • Peyton Manning wins a well-deserved 'Sportsman of the Year' for 2014-15

    - Peyton Manning wins a well-deserved 'Sportsman of the Year' for 2014-15 -

    "There were many good choices for this honor, but Peyton Manning continues to rise above the rest with his continual focus on trying to be the most outstanding quarterback, the most supportive teammate, and the best person he can be. And as we've come to learn, he is a Hall-of-Famer in all three. ...

    And while Manning has been taking a beating in the press, his commitment to his teammates and coaches, his fans, the sport and humanity in general has never waned.

    Despite six tough games in which the offense has sputtered, the five-time NFL MVP continues to fight for the victory, pulling his offense up when needed and always celebrating a defense that has helped keep him and the team at 6-0 rather than what easily could have been 0-6.

    Yes, so much has been written about Manning, and yet there is always more to say about a player whose continual sportsmanship, even in the face of defeat, criticism and adversity always invokes two words - Class. Act. ...

    It can be lonely at the top when things aren't going well. But as Manning has proved over and over - and over again - he is above his critics.

    He continues to display humility, a sense of humor and sincere appreciation for the sport of football, his fans everywhere and humanity in general. He raises millions of dollars in every community where he has been part of its football world, and he always shows compassion to those facing tough times, whether football fans or not." ...

    While it is not hard to find great sportsmanship within the Broncos locker room, one player has been exhibiting such professionalism his entire career and could not be more deserving of the honor.

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    Congrats Peyton, well deserved! Love my QB, looking forward to u doing what we all know you can do. You're a true gentlemen. Show em what ya STILL got


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      Much maligned but continuing to be a role model.

      Congrats #18!


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        Very Nice, congrats PFM
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